The Best Ways to Keep Schools Clean During The Flu Season

A few years back, I was speaking to a first-year teacher. His nose was swollen pink, and his watery eyes hid behind restless bags. To put it simple, he looked miserable. I asked how his new job was going, and he cracked a smile and immediately began coughing. I don’t know if that was the answer he wanted to give me, but it was the answer I got. Kids are like giant germs that touch everyone and everything. Don’t get me wrong: They are darn cute and cuddly. They give you hugs and adorable homemade notes, and then when you smile with appreciation, they sneeze in your face. It happens, but you can’t lock yourself away in hiding. With hundreds of students roaming the halls, it is quite the challenge to overcome germs. While you can’t eliminate germs for good, teachers, parents, and janitors can all work together to disinfect and clean schools to prevent the flu from spreading rapidly.

Hand Sanitizer in Every Classroom

Hand sanitizer was a brilliant invention! It makes washing hands easy and convenient even for the laziest person. My wife keeps a travel-size sanitizer in her purse, and we have one in each of our cars and in our house. It helps keep the germs away and makes it easy to sanitize our hands after we spend the day around town and before we eat. Having a couple of bottles near the classroom door will remind students to put some on before they start their day. Teachers can have one on their desk so they continually stop germs from making them sick. The most common way to get sick is through the mouth, so keeping your hands clean will eliminate almost all nasty flu bugs.

Teach Washing Hands

Many younger kids forget why it is so important to wash their hands throughout the day. Many rinse their hands in the water after using the bathroom, but they completely forget to use soap. Yuck! Having a simple chart that lists the washing steps and posting it near all sinks is one way to remind kids how to wash their hands. It also helps teachers remember to wash them for more than a quick rinse and lather.

Wipe Down the Room

Janitors are key to a clean school. There is almost always one on duty during the day and another one or two after school is out. Janitors keep the garbage emptied, the toilets scrubbed, surfaces cleaned, and the dust away. Germs usually spread by touching a dirty item and then rubbing the eyes or wiping the mouth. Two of the most popular germy items in a school are doorknobs and drinking fountains. They can get touched hundreds of times throughout the day. Janitors can be a huge asset to preventing the spread of the flu by wiping the door knobs and other contact areas in every classroom. Wiping down and sanitizing drinking fountains regularly will keep them clean and keep germs from spreading.

Have Tissues Ready

The other day, I watched a young woman wipe her nose repeatedly with her fingers. It made me cringe and maybe even gag a little. Just as her nose would start to run, her hand would shoot up to her face and wipe it away. It. Was. Disgusting. I tried not to watch, but I couldn’t stop staring. Tissues are the best, and only, place students should wipe their face at school. If their noses begin to run and no tissues are in sight, either snot is going to run down their face or they are going to wipe it with their hands or arms. Keeping tissues readily available cuts back on the germs covering the hands.

The flu season can be rough, but we can protect our children from the flu by educating students, cleaning and sanitizing contact areas, and washing our hands regularly.


Keep Your Resolution To Be Less Cluttered This Year In 9 Easy Ways

The New Year is here, and boy, am I excited! I love a fresh start and the opportunity to create goals that I can accomplish. I wasn’t always like this, though. There was a time in my life where the beginning of the year meant failure. I created goals that were huge and almost impossible to reach; after only a few weeks, I would be lagging behind, feeling incompetent. Now, I choose only one or two goals, and I work hard on them throughout the year. One of my goals this year is to unclutter my entire house and keep it organized. It sounds hard, right? I thought that once, too, but I have done it before, and I plan on doing it again. Here are my nine easy tips to getting your house uncluttered and keeping it that way for an entire year.

Put Things Away Once

Last year was a busy year for us, and I found myself shoving items on shelves and in drawers without even thinking about it. My once-organized home slowly began to unravel until my closets and cupboards became an embarrassing mess. This year, I am going to make a note of putting things where they go and only there by checking every night that things are in their place.

Create a Place

You can’t put items in the right location without creating a place first. Go through your drawers, cupboards, and closets and remove everything that doesn’t have a neat spot. Then, return items to a place that is easy to reach and remember.

Unclutter Before You Shop

Don’t go to the store to buy any more stuff until you donate, throw out, or recycle current items. This works great before birthdays and holidays; get rid of old toys before you fill your already-stuffed closets with more. Being a minimalist is a great way to prevent clutter from piling up.

Sort Through Mail First

I have gotten in the habit of going through my mail right by the garbage and recycle bin. This makes it easy to toss things where they go before shoving them in a drawer or basket.

Remove Clutter-Collectors

I once had a basket on my counter for apples, bananas, and other fruit, but when the fruit was eaten, the basket started screaming for clutter. I would innocently be holding a pencil, and suddenly, the basket would demand that I stick it in there. Then it wanted pins, rubber bands, screwdrivers, and everything that was small enough to fit. It even claimed my mail and empty wrappers. Once the basket disappeared, the items were easier to put away where they go, and now, my fruit sits on the counter without a bowl or basket.

Clean Out the Fridge on Grocery Day

This is probably one of my favorite tips to share with people; it is easy to remember and accomplish. I started a few years ago, and it has been a success. I continually forgot to clean the fridge until it started smelling, but when I wipe it down and clean it out on grocery day, it never stinks and always looks clean.

Have a Donation Box

People always have recycle and trash bins nearby, but what about a donation box? Keep it in a closet, the garage, or the laundry room. It makes it so much easier to get rid of things immediately instead of waiting until you go through everything to donate.

Watch “Hoarders”

This might sound like a silly suggestion, and it kind of is, but there is nothing that makes me want to organize more than seeing how clutter can damage a life. It always inspires me to get rid of unwanted items that I am holding onto for no reason.

Take Five Minutes a Day

Uncluttering your home can be overwhelming, but set aside five minutes a day to work on a single drawer or shelf. It adds up quickly, and your home will be organized without you feeling exhausted or deflated. It doesn’t have to be endless work to get your home to feel neat and clutter-free.

The Best Times Of Year To Be A Tourist In New York City (Or The Worst Times To Be A Local)

I love the energy that surrounds New York City. There is always something to do, somewhere to eat, and something to explore. With museums, art, monuments, bridges, statues, and brilliant architecture, I can barely walk out my door without stopping for a moment to breathe in the backdrop. I love it here! Unfortunately for locals, the New York City glamor appeals to people everywhere around the world, especially during winter holiday celebrations. Tourists are pulled in from all parts with a taste for adventure and culture. If you are traveling and desire explosive celebrations, then a stop in New York City is your ticket to holiday enjoyment. If you are a local, close the curtains, grab your softest blanket, and start the longest TV series you have on hand; leaving home might not be the best option.

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Locals might roll their eyes at doe-eyed tourists, but even we can’t help but drop our jaws when we see the lights of the giant Rockefeller Christmas tree. Warm and inviting lights wrapped neatly around a magnificent tree give your heart a little jolt of holiday cheer and a remembrance of why this time of year is so special.

Store Décor

The crowds are insane, and I do all I can to avoid the claustrophobic feeling that encompasses the streets during this time of year. Yet I can’t help but make a stop or two to admire the department store windows on Fifth Avenue. It is a free way to experience New York City’s creativity as you glance at the festive displays. This will keep tourists mesmerized for hours and is a great opportunity to purchase a few souvenirs to remember your trip.

New Year’s Eve Concerts

There are dozens of New Year’s Eve events, but my personal favorites are the concerts. The crowds can be overwhelming, but with tickets to a concert, the crowds will be minimal and almost breathable. The shows for Christmas are some of the best in the country, but it doesn’t end there. New Year’s Eve continues the fun with comedy shows at Times Square, live bands, and Broadway plays.

The Midnight Run

It might be chilly outside, but even the cold can’t stop runners from giving their legs a good stretch and leap around the streets of New York. Sign up for a race to start your New Year out with the goal to stay healthy and active. The Midnight Run begins with a fun parade before the clock strikes 12. I love the fresh start each year brings, and starting it with this midnight race shows your dedication to continuing the year right.

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

This list wouldn’t be complete without the ball drop on New Year’s Eve at Times Square. I have been watching this glorious moment from the crowd-free comfort of my home for many years. While tourists will want to be a part of the raging crowds, laughter, and unforgettable dropping ball, I sympathize with locals shuddering at the thought of thousands of tourists swarming to one area. Yet, it is an experience everybody should have at least once in their lives.

Have a Very Green Christmas

I remember growing up and hearing my parents voice their frustrations about an overflowing garbage can after Christmas celebrations. It always took a few weeks to catch up on trash. It’s ridiculous the amount of waste that can grow during the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a very green Christmas that is still filled with presents, goodies, and wrapping paper. Follow these 10 tips to make your Christmas greener than years before.

1. Don’t Over Buy

Before you start pulling dishes, ornaments, wreaths, and Christmas décor off the shelf, do an inventory check. You might be buying double of things that you don’t need. After a year of storing my Christmas décor, it’s a common occurrence for me to forget that I bought certain decorations years before. If you have double of something, think about giving that extra one as a gift to a friend or relative.

2. Send Electronic Greeting Cards

I have always been somewhat terrible about sending Christmas cards in the mail on time, but with electronic greeting cards, I can even send them the day before Christmas. This saves time, stamps, ink, and paper. If you feel a picture in the mail in more personable, think about only sending them to your closest friends and family; they will treasure the card instead of tossing it in the trash after the holiday is over.

3. Use LED Holiday Lights

They cost a little more in the beginning, but your electric bill will be significantly lower in the end. This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of holiday lights without hurting the environment.

4. Recycle

This is the number one way that I make my Christmas greener. Instead of filling up the garbage can on Christmas Day, it is my recycling can that is overflowing. Boxes, plastic, and wrapping paper are easily sorted and tossed for recycling.

5. Place Lights on Timers

I can be lazy about going outside in the cold and plugging in the Christmas lights, so these timers are double awesome. They keep you from freezing outside, but they also prevent lights from staying on all night long when you forget to unplug them. You can buy both indoor and outdoor timers.

6. Choose Green Wrapping Paper

Before you shove that sparkling red paper in the recycling can, make sure it can actually be recycled. Many papers that are covered in colorful ink cannot be recycled, but instead have to be thrown in the trash.

7. Decorate with Nature

The new style is very naturalistic, and this makes decorating more affordable and eco-friendly. Find pinecones, sticks, rocks, and trees to create ornaments and other Christmas decorations.

8. Cut a Christmas Tree Down

Head to a tree farm and have fun as you cut your own Christmas tree down. These farms plant thousands of trees every year to be cut and decorated for the holidays. The best part is trees can be returned to nature without doing any damage. Plastic trees are awful, and when they start looking lumpy and fake, people toss them in a landfill where they will never break down.

9. Purchase Gifts that Don’t Require Batteries

Batteries are necessary for many things, but they can do horrible damage to the environment when they are tossed constantly. Avoid toys and electronics that are going to eat batteries quickly and only add more waste to the environment.

10. Re-Use Bags and Boxes

I left this for last as it is my favorite thing to do to create a greener Christmas. Using bags and boxes over and over is a great way to save money and prevent excess waste. I even have a few bags that have been used for so many years that our family and friends have the bags memorized. Making your Christmas greener might take some creativity, but it makes the holidays a little less stressful and a little more meaningful.

Finish Your Christmas Shopping Like A Pro

December is already flying by, and Christmas is fast approaching. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the long list of things I need to complete before the big day arrives. A majority of my shopping is done right online to save me time, but there are a few items you simply don’t want to purchase over the internet; some things just need to be seen in person. If you are ready to tackle the crowds, conquer your list, and enjoy the holiday season, then I have a few tips for you. Christmas shopping can be completed like a pro and even enjoyable if you go at the right time and to the right places.

Choose the Right Time

Unless you love the craziness of crowds and long lines, avoid doing any holiday shopping the day before Christmas Eve. It can be mad chaos and only put you in a grumpy mood right before the celebrations begin. I typically try to complete my Christmas shopping at the beginning of December, but many times the month slips away without me realizing it. Picking a day during the week will save you from heavy crowds and allow you to browse stores without added pressure. If the weekend is the only time that works with your schedule, get to the stores before the lunch rush arrives.

Don’t Forget the Food

Sure, I love spending quality time with my family, but if I’m completely honest, the food might be my second favorite thing about the holidays. Every sweet, salty, and delicious morsel of food is what has me drooling on Christmas Eve. As I write my holiday shopping list, I don’t forget to list the sweets to fill our stockings and tender meats and cheeses to cover the table. Murray’s Cheese Shop is one stop where you can stock up on the smelliest, tastiest, and freshest homemade cheeses around. If you need candy for that traditional gingerbread house then Dylan’s Candy Bar is a palace of candy to ease anyone that has a sweet tooth or three.

Shop the Holiday Markets

There are many holiday markets to shop from Thanksgiving through Christmas, and they make for a distinctive shopping experience. The Union Square Holiday Market is one place that we visit every single year during December. It has everything from toys, jewelry, and clothing, but my favorite thing to purchase is a traditional homemade Christmas ornament. We buy one every sing year, and this market sells something unique every time we come.

Make it a Day

I can’t tell you how many people I hear moaning and groaning about Christmas shopping, “It takes so much time, it’s stressful, the crowds are irritating, and it’s downright miserable!” When I hear this, I look them straight in the eye, call them a Scrooge, and explain how Christmas shopping can be a fun day if you plan it right. There are certain things to do and not to do, but plan your day with lunch, a Broadway play, ice-skating, a movie, and lots of shopping. When the day is complete, grab a blanket, heat up the hot chocolate, and sit back and relax.

The Top 5 Gifts To Give The Cleaning Junkie In Your Life

Christmas is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift for the people in your life is one of the best parts. I won’t lie and say I have a natural knack for picking gifts. In fact, I have failed miserably many times in my life. Our first Valentine’s Day together I gave my wife a hideous shrub, and one birthday I gave her a TV series I was dying to see. I will save you from hearing the rest of the embarrassing stories and share with you what I am good at; giving gifts to a cleaning or organizing junkie. Here are five awesome gifts to give that person in your life that is as crazy about cleaning as I am.

Pan Scraper

This is a fun cleaning gadget that is not only affordable, but it easily fits inside a stocking. It helps loosen food debris off the pan with its soft nylon head and rubber handle. I am always scratching my pans with my fingernails attempting to get off the mess without ruining my pan, so this is the perfect solution to a pan dilemma.

Robot Vacuum

For those of us who enjoy a clean home, we don’t necessarily want to spend our lives scrubbing every inch all the time. Any cleaning technology that saves us time while polishing our home, is a tool we have to have. Seriously, we need it! The robot vacuum is a thoughtful and awesome present to give to the cleaner in your life. A cleaning junkie that comes home to a freshly vacuumed home is like a chocoholic seeing a chocolate fountain surrounded by candy bars-it’s that great.

Shout Wipes

You can’t go wrong stuffing a stocking with a couple of the best cleaning products out there. One of my favorite on-the-go stain removers are shout wipes. These wipes annihilate everything from brown coffee stains to the dreaded red wine spill. Keep a few on hand for messy party guests hanging out all over your house. It’s even better for those with little kids running around; keep a few of these wipes packed away in the diaper bag for surprise blow-outs, vomiting, grass-stains, and dirt.

Steam Mop

If your cleaning junkie has any type of flooring besides carpet, then the steam mop might be the dream gift to give this year. Wood floors are very sensitive and with just water, floors can be delicately cleaned without using harsh scrubbing or chemicals. If the bathroom is looking a little germy, this super mop will disinfect it while giving is a shine you’ve never seen before.

CleanWave Sanitizing Wand

I don’t have a sanitizing wand yet, but it is one cleaning gift I want this year. This nifty gadget disinfects areas that are covered in germs. It has been used in hospitals for many years, and it’s time to bring this technology home. Simply wave it across the area, and the UV-C light technology works like magic to sanitize the area. Christmas is a wonderful time of year to give us cleaning junkie’s a present that only makes the home shine brighter.

Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Dry Cleaner

Taking your clothes to the dry cleaner is a luxury we can’t always afford. I would love to take my favorite pants and shirts there whenever a stain or smudge touches the fabric, but the price prevents me from doing this frequently. I leave the dry cleaners for special occasions, or better yet, I do the cleaning at home. One of the biggest myths behind dry cleaning is that if the label says “dry clean only,” it can’t be washed at home. I am here to tell you it can! Ignore the label, and use natural and affordable ways to get your clothes looking like they just got back from the dry cleaners. Save money and time by following these five easy tips about cleaning your clothes at home.

Don’t Dry Clean Everything

There are certain clothing, curtains, and bedding that can benefit from being dry cleaned, but many items can be washed right at home. What you should or shouldn’t take to the dry cleaners depends on the material of the items. Cashmere, wool, cotton, polyester, and nylon can typically be washed right inside your washing machine on the cold cycle. More delicate designed items with beading or sequins and are heavily stained might need to be taken to a professional.

Wash by Hand

If you aren’t positive about an item, rinse a hidden part in cold water. If the water doesn’t change color from the fabric, it should be safe to get the rest of the clothing wet. Take a small amount of gentle laundry detergent and rub it on the dirty area. The soap particles attach to the stain and loosen pieces so they can be rinsed right down the drain. The sink is a great place to hand wash whites and light-colored clothing. It also a safe place to wash clothing with intricate beading and threading.

Never Use the Dryer

No matter what you are washing, the dryer should always be used with care. I typically dry towels, underwear, socks, and sheets in the dryer without any worry. Most of my other clothes are hung to air dry. Why does the dryer seem so scary to me? I have ruined plenty of clothes by tossing them from the washing machine to the dryer without any hesitation. It seems there is always a stain hiding on a shirt that I missed, and the heat from the dryer permanently seals the stain into the fabric. A permanent stain isn’t the only problem dryers cause. The heat can cause the clothes to shrink and become misshapen. If the fabric doesn’t lose its size, it could easily lose the brightness or color.

Use Cold Water

When in doubt, use cold water every single time. This prevents colors from spreading and seeping onto other areas of clothing. Hot water can ruin the brightness of a fabric’s color in one wash, so save yourself the worry and use cold water instead. Water also is an excellent natural way to remove stains without using any harsh soaps or products. Blood, juice, and other dark stains can be rinsed under cold water until the stain fades away. You might not even have to wash other areas of the clothing. Water is your best cleaning friend, and it will help you save money and a trip to the dry cleaners.

Ace Oven Cleaning Tips

The oven can be one of the most dreaded cleaning tasks around the home. Many people avoid it until the guck inside starts smoking whenever the oven is turned on. I will admit it isn’t my favorite chore, but I have gotten better at scrubbing it down without the frustration and exhaustion that I once felt. How have I accomplished such a task? I have learned that cleaning the oven takes time, but this doesn’t mean scrubbing for non-stop hours. It involves patience and letting the oven and cleaners do the work. Here are my three cleaning tips to help you get the job done without the sweat and tears.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

One of the safest and natural ways to clean your oven, is by using my two favorite cleaner’s baking soda and vinegar. Mix ½ cup of baking soda with water until it forms a thick spreadable paste. Remove the racks before rubbing this mixture throughout the oven on any burnt, dirty, or greasy areas. The white paste will begin to turn brown as you rub it into the trouble spots. Once you have coated the entire oven, let it sit and work overnight or for twelve hours. The next day, grab a rag and scrub the areas while spraying vinegar on remaining baking soda spots. Once all the grime is gone, use a damp rag and vinegar to polish and shine the oven before returning the oven racks.

Pick the Right Product

I love baking soda and vinegar, but sometimes there are areas in the oven that they simply can’t fight. This is usually when I turn to a special oven cleaner for extra support and help. One product that I like to use is, Easy-Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner. The name is quite the tongue twister, but it describes the product perfectly. I love that I don’t have to worry about strong smells giving me headaches or hurting my nose when I apply this product inside. It can sit for an hour or several hours depending on how tough the dirty area is. Another cleaner I enjoy using for greasy areas is Citrusafe Oven Cleaner; it uses natural citrus oils to clean and degrease those problem areas.

Use the Self-Cleaning Option

A self-cleaning oven can save you a lot of arm work and scrubbing, but despite the name, you still need to do a little work. Before switching the cleaning mode on at any given moment, plan in advanced to spend several hours at home while your oven self-cleans. You should never leave the oven running while you are not present, so flip the switch on and do some other chores around the house as it cleans. It should take anywhere between three and five hours before the job is finished. There is no turning back once the lock is locked, so don’t plan on using your oven. When it finally unlocks itself, open the oven and get ready to dust out the burnt pieces. There will usually be spots leftover that still need to be scrubbed down, so grab your cleaning products to finish off these last areas. It might take time, but with a little planning ahead, cleaning your oven can be a stress-free project.

Prepare The Perfect New York City Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I can’t help but smile at the thought of all of that tasty food. It makes my stomach growl just thinking about it. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I love the warmness I feel when I sit down with my family and appreciate the good things in my life. I have certainly had Thanksgiving disasters in my past, but with a few years under my belt, I feel like we have it down. Here are eight tips to help you enjoy a New York Thanksgiving without stress or too many mistakes.

Collect Your Recipes

Before doing anything, collect your recipes. This might involve calling Aunt Jane or Cousin John or taking a few minutes to browse Pinterest or your favorite cooking websites. Thanksgiving is all about stuffing your face with traditional food, and your family might have a few recipes no one else does. If you can’t quite remember what to put on the table, we always have a table filled with turkey, rolls, yams, cheesy vegetables, green bean casserole, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, and a ridiculous amount of pies. Now go find a recipe that looks good!

Shop Days Beforehand

If you want to eat on time and truly enjoy Thanksgiving Day, then you’d better get the shopping done in advance. Write down the recipes and browse your cupboards for ingredients. Double-check everything, and head to the store with a written list for the items you will need. This can feel overwhelming, so bring a friend or family member to get it completed fast.

Thaw the Turkey

If you want to cook the perfect turkey, then don’t buy a giant frozen one the day before! Depending on the size, a turkey can take as much as an entire week to thaw. Don’t start panicking yet; with a sink filled with water, a turkey can thaw fairly quickly in a day or two.

Bake the Pies

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is obviously the food, but the pies are a delicious piece of heaven that I anxiously wait to dig into. The best part about pies, besides their yumminess, is they can be baked the day before; this will save you precious time and oven space on Thanksgiving Day.

Rest and Relax the Night Before

Once the shopping is done, the pies are baked, and the turkey is thawing away, take some time Wednesday night to relax. We always go out for dinner to keep our kitchen clean and ready for the next day’s action. You don’t want to be irritable or tired on the big day, so watch a movie, relax, and get to bed early.

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watching the parade on TV or in person is many people’s highlight of the day. The beauty of living in New York City is that we actually have the opportunity to see the magic up close. If you want to step outside to hear the noise and see the entertainment with the naked eye, then arrive early for a good spot.

Cook Recipes in Order

I already mentioned baking the pies the night before, but some food can’t be made until the day of. Check how long everything takes to cook, and time it out accordingly. I always cook the rolls last because they can’t be heated up in the oven as easily as other dishes. Take advantage of the stove top for cooking stuffing, potatoes, and gravy; make these so they are completed at about the same time as the turkey.

Go Ice-Skating with the Family

After your stomach has been stuffed to the max and you have rolled yourself to the couch, take some time to enjoy the rest of the day having fun. One tradition for many is to go ice-skating with the family or with friends. It adds to the memories and is a fun way to end the holiday with a little exercise.

The Future Of Cleaning Is Now

There were many times in my youth when my mom lectured me on appreciating the things I had. This was usually after I accidentally complained about doing horrible chores, like sorting the laundry, cleaning my room, or vacuuming the floors. Ugh, cleaning at the age of ten was just the worst! She tried to make me feel better, or worse, by having me count my blessings, like that I didn’t have to hang my clothes outside to dry, sweep dirt floors, or scrub my own laundry in a cold river a mile away. It might have made me grumble more, but she was certainly right. The world has changed drastically over the past century, and cleaning doesn’t consume several hours of our day like it once did. It continues to change as more people work to ease cleaning tasks while helping the environment, and the future of cleaning is looking brighter than ever. Here are five cleaning inventions that will change the way we live in positive ways.

Spaghetti Scrubbers

You might picture a handful of messy noodles dripping in red sauce when you hear the word “spaghetti,” and although these scrubbers aren’t made from your favorite Italian dinner, they are still made from food. The recycled pit of a peach and the long-lasting strength of corn cobs are combined together for a new green cleaning tool. The natural abrasive material makes it easy to scrub areas without using toxic chemicals.

A Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

If you are like me, the mind can run wild with the thought of germs lurking on surfaces that are constantly being touched; a door handle can be cleaned and then covered in germs in just seconds. How exactly can we ease your mind while lightening the cleaning load? With a self-sterilizing handle on the door, of course! This handle uses a UV light to attack germs by turning on while not in use. This means it is constantly being sanitized no matter who is touching it.

Renew Clothes Steamer

Lately, my washing machine has been giving me problems, but one day, after a round of kicking it in frustration, I heard about this amazing clothes steamer. It sounded like a dream, and I literally can’t believe it has taken so long for it to be invented. Instead of spending a good hour or two drenching your clothes with valuable water, this steamer shoots a high-powered blast of steam to get the clothes cleaned in seconds.

Eureka Enviro Steamer Steam Mop

The steam cleaner is one cleaning tool that has been around for years, but this mop takes it from carpets to hard surfaces. I scrub my floors about once a week, but even with constant upkeep, dirt and grime sink their way into cracks, grout, and scratches. The steam from this mop blasts and absorbs the gunk that would normally take hours to remove scrubbing by hand.

Robot Helpers

We haven’t quite made it to having robot maids scrub our windows, mop the floors, and cook us our favorite meals throughout the day, but we are going in the right direction. Robotic cleaners vacuum the floors with smooth movements without needing any supervision. At first, these little robotic cleaners were inaccurate, but they have improved tremendously over time. Instead of spending an hour or two vacuuming your floors, you can leave the task to this high-tech gadget. It will save you time, but it will also make it easier to vacuum floors more frequently. Cleaning is becoming so easy that it is starting to be a chore that is fun!

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