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14 Perfect Gifts For The Clean Freak In Your Life

Let me guess: There’s one person on your list this year who’s hard to buy for. And it’s not because you don’t know what they love; they love to clean! But buying them baking soda, a vacuum cleaner, soap, and brooms might seem a little bit gauche for the holiday season, even though those are the things they want and love. Even though you know they’d enjoy soap and sponges, it might still feel a little off, and it may cause anyone else who’s around on Christmas to raise an eyebrow. Never fear! Here are some cute gifts for the neat freak in your life that will still be very appreciated (by both them and the rest of the family)!

  1. Put robots to work for them! I can’t think of one cleaning freak in my life that wouldn’t adore the Roomba. Another cute cleaning robot comes in the form of a furball named Mocoro. He cleans everything he touches; your friend will just need to wash the outer, furry cover.
  2. Invite other people to clean for them by hiring a maid service for a few weeks to give their home a deep clean.
  3. Dustpans are gross. Get an electric one instead. Using infrared sensors and a canister-base system, this little standing vacuum will suck up what the broom has to offer.
  4. Gloves can be very fashionable. Why can’t dishwashing gloves also be cute and glamorous?
  5. Cleaning slippers allow your recipient to clean up their floors while walking around. They can just shuffle about a bit for a no-crouch shine.
  6. Maybe they can deck the halls a bit more merrily with these green, tree-shaped sponges. They’re perfect stocking-stuffers.
  7. When cleaning, we often forget about electronics. Well, if your friend is a cleaning fanatic, they don’t. And let me tell you, getting into the nooks and crannies of a keyboard is very frustrating. Luckily, there’s a simple cleaning putty that sucks up the dirt.
  8. Get a re-washable, feathered floor-to-ceiling duster to help reach difficult areas and pick up more dirt because of its wide surface area. Did we mention it was shaped like a blossom?
  9. This is more of a neat-freak thing, but I personally hate looking at cords. Help your recipient keep their cords out of sight with this minimalist box from Ikea.
  10. Do they need it? Probably not. Do they want the perfectly folded shirts that come from having a FlipFOLD Laundry Folder? Probably.
  11. Speaking of laundry, if your recipient has a pet, give them an actually fashionable, retractable lint roller, which can fit into a purse or travel bag easily.
  12. If your friend is into green cleaning and making their own scented solutions, pick up an essential oil kit; they’ll get a lot of use out of it!
  13. The grossest thing you own is what you touch every day. That’s why neatniks love this smartphone sanitizer: It uses UV technology to zap those germs away.
  14. One of the best and simplest gifts to get for a clean freak in your life is a lovely, well-arranged gift basket full of biodegradable, high-quality brushes, natural sponges, and quality scented soaps. Throw a candle in there and you have a really beautiful gift.
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