8 Houseplants That Will Make Your Home Cozier And Clean The Air

Photo by Corey Leopold (Flickr)

Several years ago, I noticed that the first few months of the year were always my lowest. After the holidays were over, the winter months felt downright depressing. One of the ways I battled this emotional slump was by brightening my home with several plants. It added a touch of natural green inside the home when outside was still dead and bare. Not only were my spirits lifted, but I also began to experience the health benefits of keeping plants inside. Here are eight of my favorite houseplants that can make your home cleaner and cozier.


This plant didn’t mistakenly end up in the first slot; I love it so much that I own three of these babies. If you snap a leaf, you will see the aloe goo leaking out. Put a little on your finger and be mesmerized by the silky texture that is surprisingly not sticky at all. Rub the ointment on burns and sores to help remedy the pain and accelerate healing. Healing is not all aloe does; it cleans the air by absorbing toxic chemicals while increasing oxygen levels.

Peace Lily

Even the name emits a sense of relaxation and calm. The Peace Lily cleans the air of benzene, trichloroethylene, and the dreaded formaldehyde. I have a soft spot for all lilies, and having this one in my home adds an extra bit of charm.

English Ivy

Mold can be very toxic when in homes, and it can often be hiding behind walls and in the ceiling. A great place to grow English ivy is in moist bathrooms with stinky toilets. Having it in a room for just a day can decrease airborne mold by up to 60% and airborne feces by 58%. How amazing is that?

Snake Plant

If you are new to the plant world, the snake plant is the ideal beginner one to grow; it is almost impossible to kill. I have a few of these in rooms that don’t have a lot of sunshine. As it grows and thrives, you get to receive the benefits of toxin removal without putting in a lot of work.

Rubber Plant

Here is another easy plant to care for with very little watering and light required. Formaldehyde doesn’t stand a chance with a little rubber plant in the room; removing this deadly toxin is its main skill. The only downside is the leaves can be toxic, so I always keep it above my kitchen cabinets away from the reach of visiting pets or children.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is a pet-friendly plant that looks great on the surface of a table or shelf ledge. If you place this plant in a 200-square-foot room or smaller, it will absorb carbon monoxide, styrene, and benzene from the air effectively. It is a filtering monster that doesn’t require backup plants for aid in clearing the room of toxins.


With colorful foliage and an elegant look, croton is a plant that is hard to not love. The maintenance requires a little more watering and bright light, but the toxin removal and cozy aura make it worth it.


Pothos is a fun vining plant that is easy to grow in dim light. Hanging a few baskets up with this stunning plant will allow its white and green vines to grow freely and make your home feel more like home. The most important thing when choosing a plant is choosing something that fits your needs and desires. You don’t have to buy dozens of plants to enjoy the benefits of toxin removal and cozy greenery in your home.


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