Ace Oven Cleaning Tips

Photo Courtesy of SuperFantastic (Flickr)
Photo Courtesy of SuperFantastic (Flickr)

The oven can be one of the most dreaded cleaning tasks around the home. Many people avoid it until the guck inside starts smoking whenever the oven is turned on. I will admit it isn’t my favorite chore, but I have gotten better at scrubbing it down without the frustration and exhaustion that I once felt. How have I accomplished such a task? I have learned that cleaning the oven takes time, but this doesn’t mean scrubbing for non-stop hours. It involves patience and letting the oven and cleaners do the work. Here are my three cleaning tips to help you get the job done without the sweat and tears.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

One of the safest and natural ways to clean your oven, is by using my two favorite cleaner’s baking soda and vinegar. Mix ½ cup of baking soda with water until it forms a thick spreadable paste. Remove the racks before rubbing this mixture throughout the oven on any burnt, dirty, or greasy areas. The white paste will begin to turn brown as you rub it into the trouble spots. Once you have coated the entire oven, let it sit and work overnight or for twelve hours. The next day, grab a rag and scrub the areas while spraying vinegar on remaining baking soda spots. Once all the grime is gone, use a damp rag and vinegar to polish and shine the oven before returning the oven racks.

Pick the Right Product

I love baking soda and vinegar, but sometimes there are areas in the oven that they simply can’t fight. This is usually when I turn to a special oven cleaner for extra support and help. One product that I like to use is, Easy-Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner. The name is quite the tongue twister, but it describes the product perfectly. I love that I don’t have to worry about strong smells giving me headaches or hurting my nose when I apply this product inside. It can sit for an hour or several hours depending on how tough the dirty area is. Another cleaner I enjoy using for greasy areas is Citrusafe Oven Cleaner; it uses natural citrus oils to clean and degrease those problem areas.

Use the Self-Cleaning Option

A self-cleaning oven can save you a lot of arm work and scrubbing, but despite the name, you still need to do a little work. Before switching the cleaning mode on at any given moment, plan in advanced to spend several hours at home while your oven self-cleans. You should never leave the oven running while you are not present, so flip the switch on and do some other chores around the house as it cleans. It should take anywhere between three and five hours before the job is finished. There is no turning back once the lock is locked, so don’t plan on using your oven. When it finally unlocks itself, open the oven and get ready to dust out the burnt pieces. There will usually be spots leftover that still need to be scrubbed down, so grab your cleaning products to finish off these last areas. It might take time, but with a little planning ahead, cleaning your oven can be a stress-free project.

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