Blue Dawn Dish Soap

Blue Dawn Dish Soap And The Many Uses For It

Blue Dawn Dish Soap
Clean dishes, kill ants, rescue wildlife … what can blue Dawn dish soap not do? Photo by International Bird Rescue Research Center (Flickr)

Dawn, the dish soap, is a very useful product. The soap destroys a lot of things in its path, especially oily things. As a multipurpose cleaner, the mix of water and Dawn can clean numerous things in the bathroom and kitchen. In fact, some people have been known to use it almost exclusively as a cleaner. However, there are many other innovative ways you can use blue Dawn dish soap that you may not have thought of before.

The Best Bathtub Ring Destroyer Ever

Heat up a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave for 45 seconds. Carefully pour into a spray bottle halfway. Fill the rest with Dawn, then shake. Directly spray this onto your shower and let it sit, then wipe it away. Trust me, this is like magic. In general, mixing Dawn and vinegar creates a high-powered solution that works like gangbusters on a lot of things.

Cheap Bubbles for Kids

Mix a half of a cup of Dawn, a half of a gallon of warm water, and one tablespoon of white Karo syrup and stir for a cheap solution that will give the kids hours of enjoyment.

Reliable Hair Repair Shampoo

If you have excess oil on your scalp, a greasy hair issue, or buildup of expensive styling products, you can use Dawn just once a month to cut through the grease and remove buildup on your scalp without damage. Use it exactly like shampoo and rinse.

An Affordable Ice Pack

Instead of going out to buy an ice pack, just fill a strong zip-top baggie with Dawn, which can be frozen and refrozen many times. It also stays cold for quite a while.


One of the most popular old-school uses for the dish soap is to mix it with water and spray it on counters, floors, and sinks. The sticky residue is hard for ants to walk across. Also, if you spray the solution directly on ants, it will kill them.

Flea-Killing Pet Shampoo

In addition to killing ants, it also kills fleas and other bugs that seem to enjoy pestering your dog. Bathe your dog in a Dawn solution (which is one teaspoon per gallon of water for big dogs) for a cheaper alternative to expensive flea-killing shampoos. It also makes them smell really good. Just be sure to completely rinse your pet so the leftover soap doesn’t irritate their skin.

Poison Ivy Reliever

Poison ivy spreads with its oil, which can be easily stopped in its tracks by the all-around oil-killer: Dawn dish soap.

An Auto Mechanic’s Best Friend

Where there’s motor oil, there’s a way to clean it with Dawn. You can put dawn and water in a tub and just let your greasy tools soak there. You can clean motor oil stains on the driveway with it. You can also use it as a really reliable way to clean your filthy, oily hands after a project.

A Before-Calling-the-Plumber Unclogging Solution for Toilets and Drains

Boil three to four tablespoons of Dawn in a full pot of water, and while being careful not to burn yourself or anyone in your path, dump it down your sink. This will break down most clogs. For your toilet, dump a cup of Dawn in and allow it to sit for 15 minutes before dumping the hot water in. Pour it from waist height and it’ll clear up.

Salt-Free Sidewalk De-Icer

One of the worst aspects of wintertime in New York is that people track in a salt mine from everywhere. It can be bad for your plants and the environment and make your house look constantly dirty. For a cheap alternative that won’t refreeze, mix one teaspoon of Dawn, one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and half of a gallon of hot water. Pour it over your steps or walkway.

The Recommended Glasses Cleaner

In the wintertime, glasses are constantly getting fogged up as people walk in and outdoors. Rub Dawn on them; it works as a defogger and can clean your glasses really well.

A Tool for Finding Leaks

As we winterize, homeowners look for small air holes and leaks. When you place a bit of Dawn over where you think there may be a leak, you’ll often see bubbles at the exact location. This works really well with tires, too.

A Wildlife-Saver

I’ve seen the commercials; you’ve seen the commercials, too. Using this dish soap to cut through the oil and grease that damages wildlife is one of the best (and, admittedly, cutest) uses of this product.


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