BUSY BEE NEWS “What’s the Cleaning Buzz?” Issue 51



Remember when to keep your mouth closed.
Remember when to keep your mouth closed.


As cleaning professionals at Busy Bee, our #1 focus is to get the space clean. However, we are people, not robots. Friendly conversations and greetings with our clients are encouraged. After all, you offer an important service to our clients-Cleanliness! Your voice should be heard. It makes the overall relationship with our clients’ a more enjoyable one. Remember to keep conversations basic, short but sweet. Don’t share personal information and don’t ask. There’s a fine line between being friendly and harassment. If you are a chatty Kathy, acknowledge any verbal hellos you may get but after that just make eye contact and smile.


  • Do not get too carried away and share your personal information or ask anyone for theirs.
  • Acknowledge hellos but control your conversations to just being polite smiling.

Running into our old friend…Steve Madden

Steve Madden with his signature look.
Steve Madden with his signature look.

You probably know who Steve Madden is because of those bobble head commercials in the 90s or you probably own a pair of his shoes. Recently Aileen and Greg went on a walkthrough for Steve Madden headquarters because they were looking for a new cleaning service. Aileen says on their way to meet with the office manager there were a bunch of serious looking business people in black suits all over the place. Once they got to the office Aileen and Greg had to wait outside to go in. A short guy with a cap in jeans and t-shirt walked up to them. He said, “Hey are you being helped?” Greg looked at him and rolled his eyes “Yes we’re being helped” and shooed him away. “So what are you guys here for?” Greg was a bout to dismiss him again when Aileen chimed in and said “We’re Busy Bee Cleaning Service we’re here to meet with the office manager.” SO the guy responded, “Cleaning services? Cool! We need that.” And walked away. Aileen turned to Greg and said “THAT WAS STEVE MADDEN.” Greg laughed and said “Steve Madden? Why does he look like a construction worker.” Aileen laughed and couldn’t wait to tell the ladies at the office who she had just met!Funny story is, 10 years ago back in the first days of Busy Bee. Fatima was working at one of the James Perse. Fatima was wiping down the windows on the outside of the store. Next to her was a commotion of people. Again, a bunch of business people in black suits. While she was cleaning a guy in a cap and jeans came over to her and said “Hi!  I’m Steve Madden, we’re going to be neighbors!” Fatima didn’t know who this weirdo was so she shook his hand and say “Hi, I’m Fatima. Nice to meet you.” When Fatima was done cleaning the window she walked inside and told the manger, “Some guy just introduced himself he said he was Steve Madden and he is going to be our neighbor.” The manager looked like her eyes were going to pop out of her

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