BUSY BEE NEWS “What’s the Cleaning Buzz?” Issue 54


Learn from their mistakes:

Give me ALL the hours!
Give me ALL the hours!

In our business cleaners come and go but you can learn from the mistakes that others make to improve yourself.

  • E.L. worked at Busy Bee for a few months. He was a solid cleaner that clocked in and out correctly and did a good job cleaning. He constantly asked to get more hours from us so we placed him at the School; replacing a 55 year old cleaner we placed into a new job. After one day of doing a 5-hour shift he complained on how he couldn’t do the job so he didn’t come to work. He was consequently fired. REMEMBER do not ask for more work if you not willing to work more.
  • A client, called us about one of our cleaners that goes to clean their toilets for half an hour a day. However it wasn’t her cleaning they were complaining about. She would arrive to the space, spread her lunch out on the table and begin to eat! Every time! The client was perplexed about her behavior because as far as he in concerned he only pays us to clean there…not eat there. She even brought her child once with her to join her for lunch in the kitchen. Maybe next week she should host a party in there for the client and their employees. Maybe the client just feels left out. We’ve written about this before…of course you have to eat! REMEMBER: YOU’RE PAID TO CLEAN, so eat on your own time! And REMEMBER:  YOU CANNOT BRING ANYONE WITH YOU TO A CLEANING SITE!!

Cleaners Corner:  “WHY AM I ON PROBATION?”

Explaining a common practice at work!
Explaining a common practice at work!

New cleaners are put onto a one-month probation. You may think you are on the same level as some of the cleaners on our staff, but you are not. In the first few weeks working you have to learn how to clean correctly. This cleaner’s probation ended, as she did not learn.Aileen was sent with a group of cleaners to a new client, Ladurée, a French restaurant. Aileen set up cleaners to clean various spots in the restaurant. In the two-stall bathroom she left a woman to clean at around 10:00 AM.When She returned 6 hours late the woman was still cleaning but it was far worse than what it had been originally.  She had mopped with a dirty mop, and it reeked of sweat, stale water, and the floor was filthy.Aileen then had to clean the bathroom by herself, making sure to use a clean mop and refill all towels and toilet paper.Probation may seem silly but once you gain the cleaning skills you need after 4 weeks you will be let off probation, and hopefully you won’t make any mistakes after you have been trained.

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