BUSY BEE NEWS “What’s the cleaning buzz?” Issue 57


Cleaners Corner:

Employees reaching above and beyond at work!
Employees reaching above and beyond at work!

Shout-out to Juan G!!!

Joseph, one of our supervisors, received an email from John T. the operations director at MC Studios, Al Jazeera; John explained that an important Box was missing with some electronic components that was ordered for an important system upgrade, they were wondering if the box had accidentally been thrown out. For two days the Busy Bee crew at Al Jazeera was looking for these components in a “box” and could not locate them anywhere. When Joseph spoke with some of the engineer’s, they explained the missing parts were worth upwards of $10,000!!!  One of our Busy Bee employees, Juan G., took it upon himself to investigate at Manhattan Center: the last stop for the garbage before the Sanitation service picks it up. Juan was concerned about the account & the situation so he decided to pick through 2 days of collected garbage & cardboard and after digging for a whole hour he found the components in a bag inside a Box!! He accomplished this literally 20 minutes before the garbage was picked up! Way to go Juan!!! Great way to show initiative! Joseph knows how to pick great employees.

The key to keycards:

Keep you keycard close and know how to use it!

Two of our cleaners recently had some troubles with their keycards. Agnieszka K. had to move one of her scheduled cleaning from a Friday to Sunday.  She moved this day without consulting the client first and did not think there would be any problems in doing so. What she did not know was that the keycard that she uses to get into the building is only timed to work from when the client has a cleaner scheduled to come in. Since her time was scheduled for Friday not Sunday, The keycard did not work and she was unable to clean the office. Another one of our cleaners, Barbara N. cleans Big Start and uses the keycard for the elevator. She was trained on how to card works but at the time, her card was malfunctioning and she ended up stuck in the elevator for 20 mins!! We just called in and she received a new card since hers was faulty. Remember the KEY thing to remember with Keycards is that you must know how to use them, when they work, and if they aren’t working give us a call!!



Quick tips!
Quick tips!


  •  Remember to clean from top to bottom, this way dust or debris from the ceiling will not make the floor you just cleaned dirty again.
  •  When mopping sweep or vacuum the floor first to prevent mud and extra mess. Also remember to ring out the mop before starting and always use clean water. If floors are excessively dirty, you may have to change water halfway through mopping.


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