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BUSY BEE NEWS: “What’s the Cleaning Buzz?” Issue 44

Excerpts from our weekly employee newsletter:

The Cecil

Spotted: Mariah Carrey!

Spotted: Mariah Carrey!

This 4 star restaurant in West Harlem, offers unique tastes, and flavors as diverse and dynamic as the community in which it resides. It is located on St. Nicolas and 118th. There are 5 workers for the restaurant: Comlan, Miguel R, Jeremy C. Leo V. an Calcano. This restaurant has 1 huge dining room (capacity: 236), 2 kitchens including 5 grills and 2 fryers. The cooks leave around 12:30/1:00am and the cleaners have 6.5 hours to clean everything. This restaurant has very specific requirements on what they want to be cleaned in such a short amount of time, and every morning the restaurant manager does a white-glove test to ensure everything is clean. Everything about this job is very difficult: the cleaners must focus on the kitchen, the 7 bathrooms, the dining room, the bar and the green room. The cleaning we do on this location is very rigorous and everything that they require from us in such a short amount of time is very hard to accomplish. When we think of the jobs that we do at Busy Bee, often we think of offices but we do restaurants too and the cleaning that restaurants need is a whole other facet of cleaning compared to office cleaning. Though you may think that the site in which you clean is demanding, just be glad you are not doing this job and give appreciation to those who do. Mariah Carey has been spotted here!

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