BUSY BEE NEWS: “What’s the Cleaning Buzz” Issue: 58


Caffeine Conundrum:

 Don’t touch desk items DUST around them
Don’t touch desk items DUST around them!

Recently, we gained a new client that deals with coffee production and tasting. They are all about Coffee. They have a huge office with 6 floors and basement that we clean 3 times a week (4 hours each time). This client works with coffee tasting a making and within their offices there are multiple coffee machines and even some rooms that hold special spittoon buckets where the employees spit out the coffee that they had been tasting.  This is a recently new client that has been extremely particular in the requirements of items to be cleaned and how things should be left after cleaning is finished. One our newest Busy Bee additions: Jennifer has been overseeing the client and often is left with a headache everyday.

To avoid some headache, Jennifer sat down with the client and made a very detailed

small sink MUST be cleaned
Small sink MUST be cleaned!

cleaning diagram including pictures and specific instructions for cleaning: when to take out the recycling, how to clean around desks, to make sure not to move coffee around as it may become mislabeled, etc. Though the cleanings are relatively simple, with each new day, the client’s demands and complaints are constantly coming in. He is very jittery and dramatic. The daily problems are often quickly resolved, but could have been avoided, if the client could tone down the dramatics and communicate more thoroughly to Jennifer and the cleaners, instead of taking making all of his requests more complicated then need be. Jennifer is doing a great job, regardless of the difficult clients and continues to show the proper technique in the handling of him. Keep up the good work Jennifer!

Busy Bee Kid gives some quick Cleaning tips:

BUSY BEE kid shows us how it's done!
BUSY BEE kid shows us how it’s done!
  • To make cleaning easier, clean the room and collect all trash before placing it in the correct trash receptacle.
  •  If you don’t know where to place trash, as your supervisor to contact the client.
  •   Don’t forget to reline trashcans after you take out the trash!

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