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Busy Bee: How To Clean Your House Fast

A clean house is a happy house. But many people do not have hours a day to devote to keeping a home tidy. For some in New York, maid service is an option. For others, bringing in a maid service, NYC or elsewhere is less of a regular occurrence and more of an option when a thorough and spotless cleaning is needed, so they keep their house clean themselves most of the time. Homeowners can take a few tips from New York maid service and learn to clean their houses quickly and efficiently. The trick to speedy cleaning is daily maintenance as well as working as efficiently as possible.

Get Prepared

A portable cleaning station is one tool used by maid services. NYC maids use a prepared cleaning station. A person can put together a cleaning station easily, though. The station should be portable so that they can carry it from room to room with them as they work. A plastic tray or bin with a handle is the perfect vehicle for the cleaning station. Maid services, New York based or not, often give each maid a bin that contains all the materials they need to clean and tidy a home or business. The bin should have microfiber cloths, paper towels, all-purpose spray, toilet cleaner, window cleaner, and floor cleaner in it. Some bins also have microfiber dusters and a heavy-duty cleaner.

Start with the Heavy Duty Tasks

A really good New York maid service knows that a quick cleaning starts with tackling the hard-to-clean areas. People are often surprised by how much work can be done by letting something soak while they go about cleaning the easy areas. For example, if there are caked-on grease stains in the microwave or on the stove, a person should spray them with cleaner first, then clean the rest of the kitchen. The same is true for cleaning a toilet. Bowl cleaner should be squirted into the toilet first, then the rest of the bathroom cleaned. Soaking loosens dirt and grime. Instead of requiring lots of effort and elbow grease, cleaning the especially dirty areas only requires a few wipes after a soak.

Dry, Then Wet

Drying first is another fast house-cleaning trick to steal from a maid service. NYC maids know that the best way to go is to focus on cleaning dry areas first, then the wet ones. When a person walks into a room to clean, they should brush away or vacuum up any loose dust before wiping the areas with a wet rag. Trying to clean dust or other dry dirt with a wet rag just creates a wet pile of grime that gets spread around, instead of removed from the surface. It slows the process considerably, which can make a person want to hire maid services. New York maids are still a great option if you are running low on time, however.

Divide And Conquer

A homeowner or renter can keep a house clean without spending much time cleaning by dividing the chores. They can dedicate 15 minutes a day to a specific task. For example, Monday can be vacuuming day, when they vacuum all the rugs and carpets. Tuesday can be bathroom day, when the bathroom is cleaned, and so on. There are also lots of small daily upkeep chores that do not take much time. For example, the kitchen will stay a lot cleaner if the counters are wiped down daily. Wiping a counter shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Don’t Let Dirt Sit

Messes are easier to clean right after they occur rather than an hour or more later. A person can quickly clean a bathroom by wiping up the toothpaste or soap spills from the sink as they occur. A trick used by maid services, NYC based or otherwise, is to put cleaning wipes by the area. For example, a box of disinfecting wipes should live by the bathroom sink. In the kitchen, a person should dedicate a sponge or rag to wiping up spills that occur during cooking. Spaghetti sauce is a lot easier to wipe up when it hasn’t had time to dry, a face known by many maid services, NYC based or not.

Bringing In The Pros

One very easy way to clean a house quickly is to hire a maid service, NYC based or located elsewhere in the US. A lot of people in the big city have a professional cleaner come in once or twice a week. The maid services, New York or elsewhere, establish a baseline for cleanliness throughout the house. The homeowner needs only to perform small tasks to keep the house clean until the next visit. For example, wiping down surfaces each day should not take more than 15 minutes and will make the house sparkle until the next cleaning.


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