Cleaning a fireplace

Cleaning a fireplace is never easy. This is particularly true for limestone fireplaces.

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The sedimentary rock limestone is composed mostly of aragonite or calcite, two crystal forms of calcium carbonate. It is commonly used in North American and European architecture. The readily available nature, durability, and ease of manipulation make limestone popular as a building material. Limestone fireplaces are beautiful structures and regular cleaning is required to keep them that way.

Preparing Limestone Fireplaces For Cleaning

Step 1: Limestone is soft and porous, so care must be taken in its cleaning. If dust is present, use a soft bristled brush or a soft brush attachment connected to a vacuum to remove it.

Step 2: Keep items like cigarettes and vases filled with water away from the area, as these can cause damage.

Cleaning Limestone Fireplaces


Step 1: Dampen a clean cotton cloth with a mixture of dish soap and water. Never use chemical or abrasive cleaners, spray polishes, or wax, as they will damage the limestone.

Step 2: Dab the cloth onto the spot on the fireplace. If necessary, scrub in a circular motion. This process can be used whether the spot is due to dirt or is a stain from substances like wine or coffee. When cleaning limestone, it is important not to soak through the stone because this may leave a permanent stain.

Step 3: Allow the area to thoroughly dry. If the stain is not gone, reapply the solution, using a clean area of the cloth. Scrub gently in a circular motion for several minutes until the spot or stain is removed.


When purchasing a new fireplace made of limestone, make sure that a sealant is used to prevent stains. A limestone hearth should be sealed twice, allowing the first coat to dry completely before applying the second. The best sealants will not change the color of limestone fireplaces. After a reapplication about six months or a year later, no further sealing should be required.

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