Cleaning Bathroom Caulk

Tips For Cleaning Troublesome Bathroom Caulk.

We all know that cleaning the bathroom is not a fun project. Many of us dislike this chore so much that we hire a cleaning service to do it. Those professionals get excited about ridding our bathrooms of mildew, mold, and dirt. Some of us do not give up so easily, choosing instead to tough it out and clean the bathroom ourselves. Cleaning tips make this task much faster and easier.

Once tough mildew finds a home under caulk, the caulking will need to be reapplied. Preventing this from happening saves time and money and does not require much effort. Rinsing the bath or shower area following each use is the best way to prevent mildew from growing. This removes soap and oil from the tub and shower walls.

A daily spray or automatic shower cleaner should also reduce the effort and frequency of shower cleaning. Use this product following each bath or shower. If caulk cleaning does become necessary, spray a combination of three parts hot water and one part bleach onto the area, allow it to sit, and then wipe with a sponge, if needed.

An even more effective recipe is a solution of one quart bleach, three quarts hot water, ¼ cup of powder laundry detergent, and some tri-sodium phosphate. Any bleach or ammonia cleaner should also be sufficient but these two products should not be mixed because poisonous fumes result. Caulk will eventually wear down if a scrub brush is used to clean the area, so avoid using one.

Keep an eye on mildew and the speed at which the caulk becomes discolored. If caulk has recently been applied and mildew appears within three weeks, the wrong type of caulk may have been used. Regular cleaning prevents mildew from appearing and keeps the bathroom sanitary for use by the family.

Tips from Busy Bee Cleaning Service

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