Cleaning Tips For The Dog Days Of Summer

Housecleaning usually becomes more of a chore during the summer due to the hot temperatures. It is not necessary to break into a sweat to keep the home looking spotless. Before putting on a bathing suit for housecleaning, incorporate these tips into the routine. Living room, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning will be much easier.

To reduce mold growth within the bathroom shower tracks and tile grout, run the bathroom exhaust fan while showering or bathing and for 30 minutes afterward. Consider using an automatic shower cleaner to do the cleaning for you. With just a touch of a button, formula is sprayed onto all walls of the shower and does not require any wiping.

Dirt enters the home on shoes and the feet of pets. Add a durable nylon mat to each doorway, wipe pet paws with a towel, and institute a no-shoes-in-the-house rule. Shoes can be placed in a boot tray or shelving near the door. Sand can get into the soles and foot beds of flip-flops so leave these outside and shake them out when the sand has dried.

High humidity makes mirrors get dirty faster during summer. Use glass cleaner or cleaning wipes to quickly clean mirrored surfaces. Clean all mirrors at once to reduce paper towel usage. When cleaning the toilet, use a long-handled wand that features a scrubber. Disposable products are more sanitary because the scrubber can either be flushed down the toilet or placed in the trash.

Use a multi-surface duster to speed surface cleaning. Some of these feature a bendable handle and onboard furniture cleaner. The cleaner can even be used on stainless steel fixtures during bathroom and kitchen cleaning. When temperatures are suitable for opening the windows, use window filters to prevent dust and airborne particulates from entering the home. This will mean less cleaning time for you.

Cleaning tips from Busy Bee Cleaning Service.

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