Commercial Cleaners

What Commercial Cleaners Do?

There is much more involved in commercial cleaning than is required when cleaning a private residence. Think about the different types of commercial environments and all the furniture and equipment they house. Some commercial locations are so large that they include multiple buildings, warehouses, and even manufacturing facilities. Getting these areas sparking clean is no small task.

Office cleaning involves dusting and vacuuming the offices and cubicles. It also entails cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen area. During the kitchen cleaning process, the counters are wiped down, sinks are cleaned, and floors are swept or mopped. The cleaning service may even polish the floors occasionally, as requested by the customer.

In a warehouse, the floors must be kept clean because debris can inhibit the movement of forklifts and other equipment. If the company sells electronic equipment, it is important to keep the warehouse free of dust because unpackaged equipment can be damaged by the particles. A clean warehouse also improves the safety of the operation, which reduces overhead costs.

Manufacturing facilities are an entirely different animal when it comes to commercial cleaning. The janitorial service must take care not to damage expensive manufacturing equipment during its work. In some cases, special cleaning products and equipment must be used and workers must wear protective gear. Not everyone is cut out to work for a cleaning service that handles these kinds of environments.

Services that specialize in commercial cleaning require their workers to undergo ongoing training. This keeps their skills updated so they can do the most thorough and careful job. Whether they are engaged in warehouse, manufacturing, or office cleaning, they will be able to use the right products and equipment. In large cities like Manhattan cleaning service companies can make all of their profits from commercial cleaning jobs, due to the large number of businesses in the area.

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