The Most Difficult Places to Clean (And How to Make Them Easier!)


I keep my house clean, scrub the toilets, and vacuum several times a week, but sometimes, I put the hard-to-reach spots off for later. It’s not that I hate cleaning them, but when I am in a hurry, I shrug and save them for another week. Then a week goes by, and I save them for another week. It can be challenging to fit deep-cleaning into a schedule, but with a routine and method in place, cleaning those difficult spots can be done quickly. Here are six spots you might forget to clean and how to get them dust-free again the easy way.

Under the Furniture

It is amazing what gets trapped under the furniture. From dust to crumbs, the underneath needs a good vacuuming every once in a while. In the main rooms, it is a good idea to move the furniture around once a month and vacuum completely underneath. This will get rid of the dust hiding beneath. If moving furniture is not an option, use the hose on your vacuum to stretch it underneath and vacuum the edges. Making it a part of that day’s vacuuming will save you time and work.

Light Fixtures

People always seem to forget about the light fixtures, but they need to be cleaned, too – even if they are 12 feet off the ground. Depending on how high they are, you might have to pull out a ladder, but a chair should work for most ceilings. Dust the light bulbs and immediately vacuum the floors below. If your vacuum has a longer hose, the easy way to clean is vacuuming the dust directly off the light fixture; this will prevent it from blowing all over the house and save a cleaning step.

Behind the Refrigerator

It might be me, but I swear our refrigerator eats things. Whenever we pull it out, I find things I didn’t even know could fit under there! To get started, you must pull the refrigerator completely out, then grab your broom. It is time to sweep up everything that has found itself behind there. Wash the walls and the back of the refrigerator.

Tops of Cabinets

Our kitchen cabinets don’t touch the ceiling, and although I love the look, I am not fond of how much dust they catch. Climb up there once a month to wipe down the cabinets and remove the dust. Once it builds up, it is going to be much harder to get rid of. If you use your kitchen frequently, oils from cooking like to stick to the dust and glue it to the cabinets. A wet rag usually does the trick for wiping it all up.

Behind the Toilet

Scrubbing the toilet is a weekly must, and cleaning behind it goes along with the job. The toilet is typically tightly squeezed against the wall, so before you begin cleaning, remove anything that might be in the way. Give yourself as much room as possible. Grab a broom and sweep around and behind the toilet to remove dust and bigger debris. I love to use a Swiffer in this area to grab unwanted dust and dry damp spots. Next, it is time to get down and reach. Using a cleaning spray and a dry rag, scrub behind the toilet, but keep it dry to prevent mold from growing.

Under the Stove

I sometimes purposely forget to clean behind the stove. It honestly can be a big pain, but it always makes me feel better when the job is done. It helps the job go faster if you have someone to help you pull out the stove and put it back in. Start by sweeping the mess and vacuuming up what is left. Then take a rag and wipe down the sides of the cabinets, the wall, and the back of the stove. Doing this three or four times a year is the best way to keep up with the mess.

Once you have finished cleaning these spots, schedule a time on the calendar for the next time to clean them. With all of the cleaning tasks inside and outside a home, it is so easy to forget what you have and haven’t done. Writing it down will not only help you remember, but will also make it easier to get cleaning done throughout the year and not always all at once. With less dust in the air and hiding in difficult spots, you will feel better breathing in cleaner air and knowing your home is clean, from the tops of the cabinets to under the couches.

Image Courtesy of Beatrice Murch (Flickr)

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