Earth Day


April 20th,2015- May 20th 2015

We would like to invite you to celebrate the Earth Day’s 45th anniversary with us!

We have been helping New Yorkers for over a decade to keep their business venues neat and fresh. As an emerging leader of the cleaning industry, Busy Bee understands and supports the collective effort that is needed in order to keep environment clean and the earth beautiful. We feel a need to support this cause and an urge to be a part of the environmental movement.

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  • Restroom deep cleaning


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Join our campaign today. Celebrate Earth Day with us. Help to make a difference



Eligibility: exclusively for our clients, during business days only

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Some Of The Areas We Service Include:

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  • City Island
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  • Spanish Harlem
  • 11425
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Grant City
  • Bay Ridge
  • Bayswater


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