Housekeepers That Really Ran The Show

Photo Courtesy of Vincent Diamante (Flickr)
Photo Courtesy of Vincent Diamante (Flickr)

When I think of my favorite TV series or movie, my thoughts automatically turn to the characters surrounding the central storyline. They are the ones fighting crime, causing drama, and breaking hearts. If I look a little closer and go beyond the immediate action, I notice there is always someone holding down the fort. This person is frequently the housekeeper; with smooth words, gentle hands, and a huge heart, the housekeeper just might be the one running the show. Here are five famous housekeepers that bring humor, love, and depth to the story.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Who doesn’t love Mrs. Doubtfire with her horrible cooking skills, hilarious expressions, and her big heart? Mrs. Doubtfire is more than just the cleaning lady, he is a father that will risk it all to be close to his kids, so he can repair the relationships hurt by his poor choices. While he wears the mask, he learns more about himself and develops a closer appreciation of the duties involved in raising children while keeping a home. It has been twenty years since its release, but it continues to give us a view of how being a stay-at-home parent is a messy but rewarding job.

Gossip Girl

I will admit that my wife pulled me into the grasp of Gossip Girl, and I might have stopped watching the repetitive drama if it wasn’t for my favorite character, Dorota. At first she sat on the backburner, bowing to Blaire’s every need and want, but slowly we discovered her bolder side. She wasn’t afraid to slip information when it was best for the young Blaire, and rolling her eyes and giving her opinion weren’t ever forgotten. But perhaps my favorite part was when we learned the essential role Dorota had in raising Blaire. She was there for her all the time, and always placed Blaire’s happiness above her own. Dorota was a maid, a detective, a cook, and a friend, but most importantly she was a positive parental influence on Blaire.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has an entire wing for housekeepers, but Anna adds her own special essence to the storyline. She has a genuine relationship with both the family and staff that makes her a central player. She goes above and beyond to protect the people she loves, even carrying a dead body from the bed of Mary Crawley. As a maid in the early 1900s, she respects those of authority and higher status, but the Crawley’s look beyond Anna’s title and treat her with the same love and kindness they receive from her.

The Jetsons

Rosie is a robot and that makes her the coolest TV housekeeper around. I remember daydreaming about a future where I could have my own personal Rosie to create me delicious food and polish the home in no time. She certainly has remarkable skills that we can only dream about, but for being a robot, Rosie also makes her way into the hearts of everyone in the family. She adds that extra touch of stability and smarts that the Jetsons can lean on when the world is a mess.

The Brady Bunch

Alice was a member of the family like all the Bradys, but she was personal favorite. Her down-to-earth nature made it easy for the children to comfortably seek advice and share personal problems. With a blended family, having a safe place to go was exactly why Alice was the mediator for the Bradys. With an outside perspective, she could see the views of both sides and help everyone find middle ground. Alice proves that housekeepers are silently directing the family and helping them get to where they need to be.


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