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Life as a New Yorker:

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New Yorkers live a fast lifestyle.

As a New Yorker, if you look at your apartment or condo, usually the messier your apartment is the busier you are. I know that during the week I’m often thinking that 24 hours is not enough on the day and 7 days are not enough for a week. When I come home from work, I usually want to just relax and prepare for tomorrow and the rest of the week. All of these tips are also helpful for those on a budget, which in New York City, to be honest, everyone is!

Time Management:

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Keep your schedule up to date to better keep track of your time! I love to use a Moleskine Planner.

  • To make the most of your time, you need to keep the schedule. Make sure to prioritize your weekly obligations and figure out what days you have the least amount of time to do things and plan accordingly! Keep to-do lists and make sure write everything down-I know my friends like to keep their Google+ calendar updated to their phone, but I love my Moleskine Planner.

Plan out weekly meals:

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to make your life easier, plan out your weekly meals before hitting the grocery store!

  • When you go grocery shopping plan ahead for the week, in my cart I get a lot of produce, make sure to keep my pantry stocked with pasta and my freezer stocked with meat and occasionally veggies or a pre-cooked meal. I get enough items to allow for a night where you cook a full comfort food meal: with enough for leftovers, a fully prepped meal that will just need to be reheated or cooked through, meals that just consist of turning on your oven or clicking the microwave, and of course why not splurge on takeout for nights you can’t stand to cook.


To the laundromat we go:

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    Where New Yorkers lug their dirty clothes. The wondrous Laundromat

    You are a very lucky person if you have a washer and dryer in your living space. Most New Yorkers have never had this luxury and only know to do their laundry in a Laundromat or their buildings laundry room. There are many different personas when it comes to laundry; then I’ll just buy new underwear guy, the girl that only had enough undies for 2 weeks, the guy that gets all his clothes laundered or dry cleaned, or the girl that has such a passion for clothing she could go weeks without running out of clothes and these are just a few. I personally am the type of person that can go weeks without running out of clothes, but I do my laundry cause if I wait too long, I could never carry all my clothes to the Laundromat. If I could afford it I would get my clothes laundered, just to save the hassle, but I’m on a budget do instead I only launder nice dresses or blouses that I cannot clean myself.

 Clean one mess at a time:

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    Make sure to tackle small jobs first. It will de-stress your mess!

    When you’re done with work, you just won’t come home, put your feet up, maybe have a glass of wine and just relax. Often the cleaning of your apartment gets pushed off. But when dishes start to stack in your sink, or leaves are suddenly gathering in your doorway, you need to make time to clean. The easiest way to clean your apartment when you are low on time is to divide it into messes, and each night (when it’s possible) make it a goal to clean up that mess. To prep yourself for cleaning, put on some comfy clothes, blast your favorite music and only try to complete a task that is possible to finish that night. Also if you live with a roommate or significant other have them help in cleaning or make a game of it and the winner gets to pick what you’ll eat for dinner!

Be spontaneous:

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    Room enough for all your important paperwork and essentials.

    ALWAYS be prepared for anything. As you know the weather can change in the drop of a hat, and living in this wonderful city with such a fast speed of life, anything could happen at the drop of a hat. You could be stuck in a freak rainstorm, or be suddenly invited to a swanky art gallery opening in SoHo, so just be prepared for anything.  I carry a bag with everything you could think of in its contents: an umbrella, a scarf, a hat and gloves, hand sanitizer, tissues, cough drops, a water bottle, a comb, my phone charger, my wallet, my metro card, and my glasses and contact case.

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