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Jackpot Moment! About our Holiday party

Jackpot Moment!    Polska wersja   more  Photos

It was just like Halina said, “we need this escape from reality” and from my own experience as a person who has to clean a lot of  dirty places, some are so bad that you just want to give up.  The really dirty places destroy your sense of pride and make you feel invaluable.  But the party at the Maspeth Ale House reminds us that we are more than cleaners. We have families, friends, dreams, problems and desires, and the work we do at Busy Bee Cleaning Service (I hope that we do it well) is a means to earn income because we need it, but it allows us the opportunity to realize our dreams!

I personally don’t know a many people working in this company, because I usually work alone. Mostly we just hear about new people, people who have come and gone, and about people who work sporadically, but surely all of the people present at the event are part of a constant group, which forms the backbone of this company.

It is great opportunity to meat new to meet new people, and mingle with bosses, office workers, porters, nighttime cleaners. We realize that we are all part of one team.  And we need each other.

I don’t believe I am exaggerating when I say this because I have heard only positive reviews, but we want to give our bosses a big THANK YOU! The bosses did a great job setting up the party, and during the party they were always caring to see if everyone was enjoying himself or herself, and how could I not enjoy myself with an open bar opened till 8 pm!  J

The place was easy to get to, I just took the Bus 58, and it dropped me off in front of the restaurant like a cab! Before I could light my cigarette my “lovely” boss caught me and took me inside the restaurant.

When I entered the restaurant it was already filling up with Busy Bee employees.  Everyone was dressed up, and surprisingly no one was wearing our company uniform! J  Everyone was some how different  they were actually smiling!

Obviously I don’t know many people, and some gests were shy, but between us there are many differences, such as culture, language, and age but our boss took care of the awkward moments, and our differences disappeared. She also made sure that the waitresses didn’t let us die from thirstå

Thomas set up a camera for the memories.

Our boss, he lately reminds me of an American businessman, (elegant shirt, tie, stylish coat) he was kind of relaxed that day ( maybe he was happy that he could organize and pay for this  party? )

It’s time to eat something because the waitresses keep bringing us drinks its not good to drink on empty stomach.

Everyone starts loosen up having fun, obviously everything was perfect, I felt like on family holiday party. I don’t want to name everyone because I am terrible with names, but during this party I met Comlan for the first time, and I got to know a lot of people that I have worked with once or twice, but never had the chance to really speak to,

Oh! and Joseph came, Ramon, and Jessenia…. I also got to know them and their spouses.

I was very pleased to heard very well-dressed Raul with whom we have worked/cleaned together at medical trailer  saying “THIS IS MY FRIEND “–this is how he introduce me


to his wife !

And Annette this time there was no argue about hours, payroll and clocking in, clocking out, or work matters!  Actually this romantic person loves (I believe so) art and theatre, she is dealing with numbers and reports all day long, but deep in her heart (I’m sure) she is a humanist.

I had a funny situation in the beginning of the party:  I’m at the party and I think that Magda, a coworker I work sometimes with, is not there yet.  So I call her cell phone, but she doesn’t pick up.  Suddenly a good looking woman bumped into me, a little bit older, and asked me why I was not sitting at their table. I think to myself where she knows me from, did I clean with her? Then it came to me; it was Magda’s mother, Krystyna!  I think she is the longest working employee at Busy Bee. I have seen her a few times, but she has never looked so amazing and hot! That’s why I didn’t recognize her.

Not to mention about our Ela, which to tell you the truth, had many guys mentioning how sexy she is. Ela exceeded all of our expectations, she was gliding in her lovely dress, like a French countess. Many guys, even the young ones, couldn’t take their eyes off her.  (I hope they didn’t have problems with their wives when they got home). If I was at church with her next to me, I would not have been able to concentrate on my prayers!

Party was very energetic, and got crazy when the bar had its last announcement for free drinks.

I have to admit that it is not only my opinion that these types of meetings  are really needed because the memories of the good times never fade.

Therefore, it’s worth meeting up once in awhile, (especially on the expense of the bosses J) choosing a bar, and instead of having a happy hour, we will have a “Busy Bee Hour”.


I’m in, how about you?!

By Richard Rezmer



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