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Make Your Own Natural Air Fresheners


I am sorry to say this, but you smell. You really, really smell. Now, before you run off to your bedroom crying, it might help you to know that everybody smells: I do, you do, we all do. I remember that when I was in grade school, there was this girl who always smelled like fried chicken. Now, whenever I eat fried chicken, it brings back memories of sitting on the school bus next to her. Years later, in high school, my best friend’s home always smelled like vanilla. It was a very comforting scent that made me feel at home. We all have a scent, and this can be a good or bad thing. Nobody wants to have the stinky home, and if you are use to a musty or stale smell, you might not even realize how unpleasant your home is. If you want your guests, clothing, and home to smell a little bit sweeter, here are three ways you can create your own natural air freshener.

On the Stove

This is a fun way to warm up your home with sweet smells. To get started, fill a pot up with water and place it on the stove. Then, using your favorite fruits, cut them up and add them to the water; citrus fruits work best. Begin adding spices and herbs to create your own personal scent; try vanilla, cinnamon sticks, almond extract, whole cloves, pine cones, peppermint extract, rosemary, coconut extract, cedar, or even twigs. Once the water begins heating the ingredients, a very pleasant natural smell will fill your home and drift into your carpets, furniture, and clothing. There are plenty of ways to create a yummy scent, but remember to keep it simple by sticking to three ingredients or fewer.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are heaven in the natural cleaning world. We love to clean with products that aren’t going to attack our lungs or kill brain cells, but natural products tend to leave no smell at all. That is what makes essential oils so amazing. You can add a drop of lavender to your clothing, a drop of orange to your cleaner, and then create your own natural air freshener, too. To create a spray or diffuser, fill a bottle with a cup of water, 1-2 tablespoons of unflavored vodka, and an essential oil. Spray it in the air, on the furniture, and throughout the home.

Quick Deodorizers

When you don’t have the time or the ingredients to whip up your favorite air freshener, then grab a bottle of vinegar. I know vinegar has a strong smell, but it is awesome at deodorizing, and the scent will quickly fade away. Baking soda works awesome at attacking smells in the refrigerator or a closed space; leave the top open and let it do the work.

There are so many ways to freshen up your home without using harmful chemicals. One of the best ways to add a yummy scent is by bringing nature inside – just think about Christmas! Plants clean the air, and flowers fill it with their pleasant smell, so add a few to your most-used rooms. I love walking into a home that not only smells clean but also smells welcoming. Don’t let your home be the stinky one; grab your favorite essentials oils and fruits and start making your own air freshener.

Image Courtesy of Audrey (Flickr)

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