Office Cleaning Proposal

How to write Cleaning Proposal?


Before submitting a formal quote/proposal a walkthrough should be scheduled. The purpose of the walkthrough is to get familiar with the space and to help you customize your proposal to fit the exact needs of your prospect. Note that 3,000 SQF offices may be common, however what is required for each space varies and may determine a large difference in cost.



When quoting it is important to take into account the prospects foot traffic, number of restrooms, if there’s a full kitchen and/or a lounge, if desks need to be wiped down daily or the own office staff will take care of their own section, and etc. Use these factors to help you create a proposal that will satisfy your prospects needs by giving them the correct amount of working hours for the service as well as a reasonable  price.

Cover Letter

The cover letter should thank the customer for their interest in you company, list your services and explain how the process works from start to finish. It should also contain a short overview of the company, more details should be in ‘About Company’ section.


Thank you for your interest in COMPANY NAME. We offer cleaning services throughout New York City to help residents and businesses alike maintain cleanliness of their living/work spaces. Inside this document you will find a detailed description of the inquired services, as well as a price breakdown and equipment/supplies used for the same.

The purpose of having a cover letter in your proposal is to introduce your company/organization to your prospect.

About the Company

This section should give a detailed explanation of your company and services. Give company history, years of service, type of ownership (individual or corporate) and a description of the process. Mention any service your company specializes in (ex. floors or industrial kitchens). Give a list of the types of facilities you service and explain what differentiates your company from others. Include a description of your hiring/training process and uniform policies.
Uniform policies should entail if uniforms will be provided, as well as, what the cleaning professional is expected to wear if no official uniform will be issued.

Service Description

In here you should detail the tasks and the frequency on which they will be performed. This section should be tailored to the client’s space. In other words, only list the services relevant to the space inquired about.

Client inquired about cleaning of an office setting once a week. Description should include
Services One Time a Week

Reception Area

  • Carpets to be vacuumed
  • Glass To be wiped clean …etc.,

The purpose of the service description is to advise your prospect in detail what the services include, make sure you do not add any description of services you will not provide. If the prospect tells you during the walkthrough they will be responsible for wiping their desks make sure you DO NOT include that in your service description.

Supplies/Equipment Used

The supplies used for the cleaning should go on here . Explain why you use these products versus competing brands. Also, include the equipment used.
The purpose of the Supply and Equipment section is to advise your prospect on exactly what will be used, this protects your company incase any type of finishing is ruined because of some solution. Nevertheless, as an expert your employees should know what to use and not to use on certain finishings.
Do not list any specific brands as they will limit the availability of getting the same product later on, stick to generic descriptions such as ( glass cleaner, surface cleaner, floor cleaner, etc.)


Detail how often the services will be provided, whether it be daily, weekly, etc. Let this section help you extend on the description by adding what services will be performed when.
Frequency of services should be mentioned with the service description as having a daily client does not mean everything on the service description should be done daily.

Quality Assurance

This section should describe how your company will ensure services will be provided according to the contract. This is your opportunity to rave about your company and your ability to provide services effectively.

The quality assurance is what should sell the service to your client, the ability to go above and beyond the service to satisfy your client’s needs. Let them know how often the services will be evaluated and assessed, and that you will be willing to train and monitor the staff at the location. Make sure to include if this service will cost the client extra.


List a couple of your current clients who can be used as references. It’s recommended to ask the client for their participation before listing them in your proposal.

Company name
Person name and title
Phone + extension

 The purpose of a reference page is to prove your credibility to your prospect. Also it is recommended to have the same type of facility that you are bidding for listed as a reference, i.e.: medical facilities you can list doctor’s offices or hospitals, schools you can list universities, high schools, etc.


List the frequency of the invoicing process at your company, whether it be monthly or weekly. This section also includes the terms of payment as well as describing which methods your company accepts as payment for services. It should be an in depth look at the process of invoicing, that includes several options for your client to pay their bill.
Make this section as easy to understand as possible, maybe including examples or a note to refer themselves to their account representative to explain the process better.


This section outlines the responsibilities of both parties, Busy Bee (including cleaning professional) and the client. The client is responsible for providing water and electricity to the cleaner in order for them to fulfill all job duties/requirements.
Detail responsibilities that will make sense at every location where the services will be rendered. Specify if you must things such as storage space, nearby location for water supply, how to access spaces, etc.
In here also list that if the client doesn’t provide suitable arrangements for water and electricity for the services to be performed when they require it, they are still liable for the payment of the service, whether you want to charge half or full price it is up to your company.
Include on this section if you provide the client with insurance as well.

Price Breakdown

This section details pricing of all services inquired about. We recommend that you be as detailed as possible.


Hourly Labor Rate: $XXX per labor hour plus state sales tax
Number of Employees: 2
Tentative Schedule: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Total Labor Hours Per Day: 2 employees * 6 labor hours = 12 labor hours per day
Total Labor Hours Weekly: 60 hours
One Time Delivery Fee: $XXXX.00
Total One Time Rate for Post Event Cleaning Service:

Please note price breakdown should go accordingly to your local labor laws this is just an example; be sure to follow min. And max. Hours per shifts accordingly.

Cost Summary

This section sums up the pricing of the services inquired about. This should be a simple one or two line summary. It should detail frequency of services and how much the client will pay for the service, first line i.e.: Once a week services cost per visit : $95.00, on the second line include if you will be charging taxes for the services provided i.e.: Ninety Five Dollars 00/00 cents (plus NY Sales Tax 8.875%)

Acceptance of Proposal

This section should outline the terms of the contract. Unlike the responsibilities section this should outline the duration of the contract, if it is a fixed price or variable, the valid length of the price for the services, the frequency on which the services would be performed, any provisions that may end the terms of service early as well as any that may incur extra payment such as: overtime hours, cancellation fees, rescheduling fees, etc., you may include any clauses preventing the hiring of your staff by the client, protect yourself and your company in this section.

Both parties, your company representative  and client, must sign and date the proposal, to make it valid.

Some Of The Areas We Service Include:

  • Cunningham Heights
  • Claremont
  • Briarwood
  • Malba
  • North Corona
  • 11422
  • 10002
  • 10112
  • Pelham Gardens
  • 11580
  • 11425
  • Fieldston
  • 11236
  • Clifton
  • New Lots
  • Arverne
  • TriBeCa
  • 11369
  • South Beach – Tottenville
  • 10006
  • Glendale
  • 10022
  • 10704
  • Soundview
  • Bellerose
  • 10032
  • 11360
  • 11225


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