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Organizing Winter Clothing

Many people live in climates that require separate clothing for summer and winter. This means that when the warm weather arrives, it is time for organizing winter clothing. If the closet is not large enough to accommodate the year-round clothing selection, alternate containers must be used. Clean the storage area thoroughly yourself or have a cleaning service do it.

Down jackets and wool sweaters are most likely to suffer damage from mold, mildew, and insects like moths. This clothing should be washed and dried complete before storing. It should never be stored in an air-proof container or plastic bag. A rattan trunk or other container that allows free circulation of air is most suitable.

A small fur can be stored in a cool, dry location of the home after being covered with washed muslin or cloth. Larger furs should be stored in professional cold storage. Suede and leather items should be contained in a well-ventilated closet that features cool temperatures. They also should be covered with washed muslin or cloth. Soft leather clothing can be padded with white tissue paper and then folded flat.

Linen and metallic clothing should be rolled with wash muslin, cloth, or white tissue paper to separate each layer. If folding is the only option, the cloth or paper should be placed between each layer and items should be periodically re-folded to avoid creasing. Rayon or knitted or sheer silk can be stored flat or hung with tissue paper padding and a cover of washed muslin or cloth.

Velvet clothing should be hung on a padded hanger and padded with white tissue paper. The loops attached at the waist area of the skirt should be used to support the item on the hanger. Washed muslin or cloth makes a sufficient cover. Fabric or starch finish should not be used on items prior to their storage.

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