Professional Grade Post-Thanksgiving Clean Up

By now, leftover turkey is being enjoyed in sandwiches and the pumpkin pie is long gone. What remains, however, are the dirt and debris from Thanksgiving dinner. The house was spotless before guests arrived but is now in a sorry state. Friday was no day for cleaning because there was shopping to be done. Now, it is back to work, leaving behind a dirty home.

Rather than rushing home in the early approaching darkness to clean the house after a long workday, consider a different approach. Commercial cleaning services are in business to get the home back in pristine condition. Go online or open up the phone book, find some in the local area, and ask how much a good post-Thanksgiving housecleaning will cost.

If there were some young guests at the Thanksgiving table, consider getting a carpet cleaning as well. Youngsters inevitably dropped some of their food on the floor, where it remains. In some cases, it was ground into the carpet by little feet, making quite a mess. A deep carpet cleaning will remove the food and any other dirt and debris in the process. Next year, a kid’s table with a shower curtain underneath will help prevent this issue.

Some commercial cleaning services may be feeling particularly festive this time of year, offering special holiday cleaning deals. Learn about these offers because it may be worthwhile to purchase a package that includes upholstery cleaning. The home will look better than ever and you can keep it that way for a while by letting someone else host Christmas dinner. This way, only spot cleaning will be needed through the holiday season, allowing the family to spend more time relaxing and less time on chores.

If money is tight, consider asking Santa for an early gift of professional cleaning this year. He knows that no one wants to live in a dirty home so he should be willing to accommodate. There is also that holiday bonus that is coming and should be more than enough to cover house, carpet, and upholstery cleaning by an expert.

Just one professional cleaning will have the home looking better than it did before the Thanksgiving turkey graced the dinner table. Let’s face it- no one feels motivated to clean during the holiday season. Aside from professional cleaners, that is- they are ready to jump in the car and head over to your house right now.

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