Removing Hard Water Stains

Guidelines For Removing Hard Water Stains

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Hard water contains mineral salts like magnesium and calcium ions that limit lather from forming when soap is used and create soap scum. The high mineral content may cause corrosion or scaling in water heaters, boilers, and water pipes, which can lead to plumbing issues. In general, hard water ranges between 100 and 250 ppm and can be found in various areas of the country.

Over 85 percent of U.S. homes have hard water. When hard water is present in the residence, a water softener is often used to address the issue. Even with this piece of equipment, scaling can result and the residue can be seen in tubs and sinks. These deposits are alkaline, so they are best removed using an acid-based cleaner.

Phosphoric acid is safe to use on most surfaces and yields effective results. Grocery store cleaners that contain this ingredient usually have a content of about four to six percent. Janitorial supply stores sell lime scale removers with eight to 12 percent acid, delivering faster results. As long as the surface is rinsed to remove the cleaner after its use, the higher acid concentration is safe for most household surfaces.

To ensure that damage will not be done, read the cleaner instructions before applying the solution to a surface. After applying the acid to the stained area, allow it to sit for a few minutes. Use a nylon-backed, white scrubber sponge to scrub the stained location and then rinse away the cleaner. If the stain is particularly tough, multiple applications may be required.

The most difficult stains may still show after repeated cleaning. If this happens, it may be time to call the professionals. A top-rated cleaning service uses strong products that will remove the stain without harming the surface. Consumers can retain a cleaning company for a one-time bathroom cleaning job and this should not cost much money.

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