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Spring In New York City: where more than flowers bloom

Spring has sprung all around in New York City and you can see the city get reborn after it’s long winter hibernation. The city has a lot to offer you this season and we are talking about a place that can offer you more than flowers blooming, though that’s my favorite part!!!

Go ahead, put on those shades and people watch!

Go ahead, put on those shades and people watch!

As the Spring season gets into full swing in the city, you can see every New Yorker coming out of their homes and into the street, as the winter weather fades away. Walking to work, I pass Madison Square Park and as the weather is getting warmer, I see more and more people out and about, walking their dogs, eating their lunch at the park, and just soaking up the sun.

As the thermometer rises, it seems the overall mood of the city gets happier and melts a

Florals and bright colors may still be the only thing cheery about a New Yorker.

Florals and bright colors may still be the only thing cheery about a New Yorker.

little but of our cold disposition away. Yes, you will see us warmer and cheerier, but we will still be New Yorkers who hate tourists, waiting too long for coffee or to cross the street and forget it if you stop in the middle or walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk. But with the city follows suit with your cheery disposition. The flowers in the parks begin to bloom and trees begin to grow their leaves as spring showers make sure plant life is never thirsty and smart New Yorkers always carry an emergency umbrella, even for the sunniest days.


Take a stroll with that special someone.

Take a stroll with that special someone, in Central Park.

If you are looking for things to do, one of my all-time favorite places in the world to go to is Central Park. Central Park in the spring is one of my favorite places in the city! There are a multitude of things to do with friends or even as a cute date!

  • Visit the zoo! (The penguins are my favorite)
  • Ride the Central Park Carousel (It’s $3 a ride, and is open 10-6)
  • Take a Central Park walking tour ( It’s free and lasts about 1 1/2 hours)
  • Enjoy a picnic ( relax, eat yummy food and drink and my favorite: people watch)
  • Row a boat around the lake ( $12/hour then $2.50 after that and a $20 deposit, each rowboat can hold up to 4 people)
  • See a Central Park concert ( range from the Metropolitan Opera in the parks to Central Park SummerStage)
  • Experience Shakespeare in the Park (They often have 2 productions during the summer and you can get free tickets by waiting in line or the online lottery for a same-day performance )
  • Get Lost ( There are 843 acres to explore, and I think the best ways to do that are to get on a good pair of shoes and then take your time to discover a new place to people-watch or a secret hiding place to read and relax soaking up the beautiful spring weather)
These trees are over 100 years old!

These trees are over 100 years old!

If you’re craving to look at all the glory that spring can bring with flowers and blooming trees. You need to visit the Yoshino Cherry trees along the East side of the Reservoir in Central Park. They were presented to us as a gift to the United States by Japan in 1912. They are the first trees to bloom in the spring! Also, you need to take a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, where you can see all the flowers bloom from daffodils to cosmos and also you can also go The Cherry Blossom Festival ( Sakura Matsuri) It’s April 26-27th from 10 am-6pm or you can just go any time throughout the season that lasts until late April!



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