The Unlikely Snow Removal Trio

MetLife Stadium called again for Saturday, December 14th; as we gathered over 100 people to go and clean the stadium before Sunday’s Game, I spoke to an unlikely snow removal trio. I asked Dorothy S. who went with her sister, Catherine S., to Metlife Stadium, and Liliana to explain their snow removal experience

  • What it was  like at MetLife Stadium? MetLife Stadium was not what I expected.The only experience I had removing snow was helping out at home and removing snow from the sidewalk.
  • What made you want to do this job? Well for one I had nothing to do this weekend, and I wanted the experience of going to Giants Stadium. I am a Giants fan.
  • What happened when you got there? When we got there we were split up into groups and assigned a team leader. I was proud of the group I was in because we didn’t have to go back and re do our assigned areas.
  • What was the part you liked the least? Honestly it was a nice experience, but there was a time where it started raining. I didn’t like this because it made it harder for us to shovel. Everything started turning to ice before we could shovel it out. We asked for salt to melt it, but we ended up not needing it.
  • What time did you finish? We took a break and were assigned two more areas before we were done. We checked out at 5am and waited for an hour for the buses to come.
  • What was something you thought was different? Well my sister and I were some of the only girls there. I think people were looking at us like “What are these girls doing here” some people asked us straight out and we just told them “We’re Giants fans!”


Next I sat down with Liliana Our newest Busy Bee Employee. She had interesting insight to MetLIfe Stadium.

  • What were you expecting? I thought it was going to be more work, it was easy work to me. I’ve done harder work, I’ve worked construction and demolition and as a painter.
  • How was it different? I’ve never worked in the cold for a long time before that was definitely different. But the manual labor…piece of cake.
  • How’d you feel working with so few ladies? I’ve always worked in places where there are more men. I know how to handle myself. I studied industrial mechanics so being around men is normal for me.
  • What was the best part? I really liked working along side a young who was about my son’s age. It was refreshing and gave me hope to see such a young man work so hard to earn money. My daughter is very sick so this was touching to see.
  • The worst? I get lost easily, but I’m so glad that they took us there by bus. If not I would have never found the stadium.
  • Anything else? What caught my attention was how much the men complained! We went there to work hard, I don’t know what they were expecting. Not all were complaining, but most!


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