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What Would You Do? Busy Bee Edition:


You are cleaning at an investment office, and in one of the offices you notice that there is a music CD that you really want and that you cannot afford. What do you do?

  1. Take that sucker! Its not like anyone will notice it missing. And who has ever heard of a camera at an investment office. Take that thing and listen to it later with your weird cousin Lenny. He loves MICHAEL JACKSON!!! JUST BEAT IT!!
  2. Do the honest thing: Tell the client that the CD blew out the window while you were cleaning. There was nothing you could do. In reality, you stuff the CD in your pocket. Yes, STEAL IT!!! BILLY JEAN JUST ROCKED MY WORLD!
  3. Leave it exactly where it is. You must act professionally and most importantly, honest. Stealing is wrong. I don’t need to tell you. I imagine your mother did when you were young. A job is hard to find these days. Don’t lose yours for something stupid.
  4. STEAL! STEAL! STEAL! The first time I listened to THRILLER, I became a man! AMAZING! Totally worth losing your job over. Its not like you could probably go to the library and check it for free. Oh yeah, Libraries have movies and music too. Who knew? Not the cleaner in Flushing!

Look the right answer is obviously 3. I know I have been making jokes about stealing, but its really serious. You don’t want to lose your job over something tiny. More importantly, you put the jobs of the rest your team in trouble. People have families and responsibilities. Is it fair to ruin it for the whole team just so you can steal a KAMA SUTRA book?


Po Polsku:

Co byś zrobił? Busy Bee: Edition

Jedno z biur, dla których sprztasz znajduja sie stosy papieru toaletowego. Masz niedobor papieru toaletowego w domu zapomniales kupic , Zona bedzie zla . Co byś zrobił?

A- Wez worek na śmieci i  naladuj w niego ile wezmie!  Zabierz ile dasz rade uniesc. Niewiadomo keidy bedzie nastepna recesja. Zadzwoń do dzieci, aby Ci pomogly

B- Zabierz 1 badz 2 rolki do domu. Zrobiles to tylko jeden raz i  prawdobnie nidgy wiecej. Wiec to chyba niewielkie przestepstwo

C – zapytaj sekretake, moze Ci pozwoli zabrac troche do domu. Jest lepiej, jeśli najpierw zapytam. Tak pisali caly czas w newsletter. To tylko papier toaletowy.

D – Jezeli jest 10 rolek mozesz wziasc 2 rolki, jezeli jest wiecj niz 20 mozesz wziasc 4 rolki. To sie nazywa miec dobre maniery i kulture osobista .

 Prawidłowa odpowiedź : żadna!

Zastanowmy się rolka papieru kosztuje 75 centow jak bys się poczul gdybys został przylapany na wynoszeniu tego papieru w swoim plecaku czy byłoby warto ? do ksywka złodzieja papieru toaletowego przylgnelaby do ciebie na długo….. Wiemy ze mamy te  nalecialosci „oszczednosciowe”

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