The Science and Cleaning of Household Dust

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Busy Bee – The Science and Cleaning of Household Dust

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Dust can be a major irritant that worsens hay fever and other allergies. As such, it is important to keep your home and office clean and dust free. It can however, be difficult to keep a space dust free. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to drastically reduce the amount of dust in a given space. Learn more about what dust is made of and how to control it below.

What is Dust Composed Of?

It is commonly stated that dust is composed mainly of dead skin. While there is dead skin and dander in dust, it is not necessarily the majority of what makes up dust. Household dust is composed of many different tiny particles including mold spores, dried food, animal dander, pollen, insect parts, and more. The insect parts mainly come from cockroaches and dust mites. These dust mite particles are a major source of allergens that serve to irritate people when it comes to dust. Studies have also shown that household dust can contain harmful substances such as lead and DDT. Particles from smoke also greatly contribute to dust in a space.

How to Reduce Household Dust

While you will always need to dust, there are ways to help reduce the amount of dust in your household. Keep the following dust reducing tips in mind when cleaning the house.

Use the Right Duster – Instead of using an old shirt or a feather duster, use a cloth made of material such as microfiber that will capture the dust instead of just moving it around. Microfiber is also good because unlike your feather duster, it can be thrown in the washing machine and used again. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth laying around, another cloth will do but make sure to dampen it before use so that the dust particles will stick to it.

Don’t Smoke Indoors – In order to cut down on the dust in your house, don’t allow smoking indoors. Smoke particles add greatly to dust in addition to being harmful to your health. Keep the smoking outdoors and cut down drastically on your dusting.

Properly Store Clothes – Due to the fact that clothes can attract dust, keep seasonal clothing in bins or plastic bags to cut down on the amount of dust they attract. It is also a good idea to keep the closet floor clear of clothes so it can be regularly vacuumed.

Declutter the House – Artwork, knick knacks, and books create more spaces for dust to accumulate. Try to keep these items to a minimum to reduce dust. Items such as shoes, stuffed animals, and purses can be stored in plastic bins so they do not sit out and collect dust.

Change Air Filters – Make sure that air filters in heating and cooling systems are changed regularly so that they can properly catch dust particles. It is also important to ensure that the proper filters for your particular system are being used.

Vacuum Regularly – The vacuum cleaner will pick up lots of dust. Make sure you are using a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, as they can pick up more of the tiny particles than vacuums without are able to. To keep dust from escaping and settling back in the home, make sure you empty the vacuum cleaner after each use.

Wet Mop – Floors that are not carpeted should be regularly mopped with a wet mop. It is important o also sweep beforehand as the broom will get into some of the crevices that a mop may miss.

Check Problem Spots – If it seems like your house is constantly dusty, it is a good idea to check caulking and ductwork to make sure that dust from outside is not entering your home and contributing to the problem.

While dust will always be something that homeowners must contend with, the steps listed above can help to drastically reduce the amount in your home. Less dust means a healthier home, and less irritants, especially for those suffering from allergies. Learn more about dust by consulting the following resources.

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Last modified: March 13, 2020

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