Stay Clean and Safe in the Kitchen

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Busy Bee – Stay Clean and Safe in the Kitchen

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The kitchen is a central gathering place in every home, where families can come together to cook, eat and enjoy each others company. However, it can also be a place that harbors many dangers, from fires, to cuts and burns, to bacteria and illnesses. There are many aspects of kitchen safety that are important for all family members to learn. Knowing proper food handling can prevent cross contamination and foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella. Proper maintenance and cleaning of kitchen equipment and appliances can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and reduce fire hazards. It is important to know how to work safely in a kitchen and how to properly maintain all of its areas in order to reduce these dangers. Below is a list of helpful tips and information to help you keep a clean and safe kitchen in order to keep your entire family safe and healthy.

Personal Care

Sponge Safety


Proper Food Handling

Proper Food Storage

Proper Chemical/Cleaning Supply Storage

Childproofing Kitchens

Cleaning Appliances

Last modified: April 9, 2018