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Busy Bee Company Information

Busy Bee Cleaning Service is one of New York’s premier commercial cleaning services. In addition, we are also the marquee home cleaning company in the city. There are hundreds of individual cleaning companies in NYC, each providing a single first impression with which to gain the confidence of prospective clients.  We want to ensure that a lasting impression is made by the quality of your business, and we know the first indication of quality is cleanliness.

Busy Bee Cleaning Service

247 west 35th street, Suite 9R

New York, NY 10010

Phone: (212) 921-2364 or (718) 846-1697

Fax: (347) 238-1753


We are committed to providing the most professional and thorough janitorial services New York City has ever seen! We also offer house and apartment building cleaning services. New York City has over eight million residents and these are the people to whom we are dedicated to providing clean, safe homes and businesses. At Busy Bee, there is simply nothing more important to us than exceeding the standards of our clients, and we do so by offering the most professional house cleaning services New York City has to offer.  

Busy Bee Cleaning Service is dedicated to shortening your to-do list, so you can worry about more important things. Though our specialty is centered on commercial cleaning service, we are capable of performing all of the following services:

  • Move in /Move out – Professional House Cleaning Services
  • Building Maintenance
  • Construction Cleaning – Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning Service
  • Retail Cleaning Service
  • Office Cleaning
  • Restaurant Commercial Cleaning

We also provide our clients with the following supplies:                 

  • Paper products
  • Plastic liners
  • Lavatory supplies
  • Odor control dispensers and refills
  • Required cleaning equipment


Busy Bee Cleaning Service provides expert home and commercial cleaners, trained in proper janitorial methods and techniques to satisfactorily maintain the facilities during the scheduled times. As a premier New York City cleaning service, our cleaners understand the importance of maintaining a clean and professional atmosphere; our cleaners have the experience and skill to make you commercial space and home sparkle.


Workers are properly trained in order to avoid physical hazards on the job. When training our employees, we teach them how to avoid and prevent: radiation exposure, falls while climbing, accidents with machinery, ergonomic injuries and slips and falls. We provide and post Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) in janitorial closets for all chemicals stored or used in the buildings. We also train our personnel in hazardous chemical communications. It is our responsibility to ensure procedures are strictly followed. 

Our Green Side:

We choose less hazardous products to reduce our environmental impact. Green cleaning is important to Busy Bee and for that reason, we use products which: 

  • Are biodegradable
  • Have low toxicity
  • Have low volatile organic compound (VOC) content
  • Have reduced packaging

When choosing Busy Bee Cleaning Service for your commercial and residential cleaning needs, you can be confident that the cleaning services will be consistently excellent and professional, with flexible hours at a competitive price.


Our professional home and commercial cleaners are insured through the company in the event of an accident or injury on the job; we carry Commercial General Liability Insurance and Umbrella Liability Insurance. Proof of insurance can be presented upon request.

As is the case with all contract cleaning services, for the most accurate information and quotes, it is best to contact us directly by telephone or fax. We will review your request, obtain all the information we need, and provide you with the best cleaning services in New York City. Please refer to the information below and contact us regarding any cleaning service you require.

About Janet Connors

Some Of The Areas We Service Include:

  • 10123
  • 10306
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Crotona – Tremont
  • 11405
  • Little Italy
  • Old Town
  • College Point
  • 11436
  • Norwood
  • 11425
  • Kingsbridge
  • 11426
  • Bath Beach
  • 11432
  • Murray Hill
  • Brownsville
  • Rosebank
  • Washington Heights
  • 929
  • 11360
  • Concourse Village
  • 10454
  • Randall’s Island
  • Woodhaven
  • 10018
  • 11435
  • Neponsit

Last modified: November 14, 2022

Busy Bee Cleaning Service, Janitorial Cleaning Services New York, and Cleaning Building Services are sister companies.