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The Maids New York Needs from a Cleaning Service it Can Afford

Why are Busy Bee Cleaning Service maids ideal candidates for making your apartment fresh and clean?


  • Maids go through an extensive background check.
  • They are professionally trained in OSHA.
  • Maids follow the Busy Bee cleaning checklist
  • We require our maids to electronically clock in and out for every job.
  • If requested, with little additional charge, the maids can provide the cleansers and paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper etc.) for the job.
  • The most important of all, our maids are always on time and are respectful towards the client and their home.

Everyone wants to make a good impression. Unfortunately, in today’s demanding world we don’t always have time to make our apartments spic-and-span. Whether the in-laws are coming to visit or a friend is seeing the place for the first time, your place needs to undergo some cleaning, and fast. Luckily, Busy Bee can help make sure all the buzz about your apartment is as sweet as honey. We have a maid service New York City residents can use to their advantage. Our staff members are all professionally trained maids in NYC.

Maid Qualifications

If you’re looking to hire a maid in New York, look no further than Busy Bee. New York, with its highly competitive nature, also ensures we maintain a standard of excellence. With Busy Bee Cleaning Service, we offer a New York City maid service with professionally trained NYC maids and the best maid service prices around. Having learned appropriate health and safety regulations from OSHA, our maids know how to treat your residence, your personal belongings and yourself with respect. We have full confidence in our maids and award them the highest recommendation. Their honesty is admirable and our maids always clock in and out for every job. They have also undergone an extensive background check.

Why Hire Maids in NYC from Busy Bee

Our New York City maids can be hired to clean for one single session, or they can return weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Like many of our satisfied customers, we are confident that when you see just how nice your apartment looks after a single cleaning, you will want our maids to return. Our New York maids will work in all areas of the city including Brooklyn and Manhattan.

By cleaning the home regularly, residents rid themselves of dust and pollen that may limit the quality of breathing or cause allergic reactions in some people. Our maids don’t simply brush off your countertops with a feather duster; they remove dust from places many people wouldn’t think to look, such as behind picture frames and lampshades. They will even vacuum and soak your carpets as well as mop your tile and hardwood floors if you so desire.

Keep a Tidy Kitchen

Most U.S. homes have a fair amount of unwanted material stuck to their stove from normal wear and tear. From dirty stoves to greasy ovens and grimy grout, our maids are thorough and will be sure to clean not just the kitchen, but all of the appliances. You might even get some extra time out of the devices. In this way, Busy Bee can save you hundreds of dollars when you use our maid cleaning services.

Better Bathroom, Big Bonus

The bathroom can be covered in germs. From the bathtub and sink where we scrub the dirt off ourselves to the toilet and the oft-forgotten hot and cold knobs, Busy Bee’s New York City maids will make sure your bathroom is cleaned and disinfected to promote the sanitation of you and your family. While the basic fee does not cover cleaning supplies or replacement toiletries, Busy Bee’s New York maid services will take care of them for you for a small additional charge.

Bask in a Blooming Bedroom

People are encouraged to sleep eight hours every night. We spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms. Therefore, it is only right to sleep in a clean and healthy bedroom. Our maids will take care to dust bedroom furniture and they are even experts at cleaning underneath beds. No longer will you have to reach under and dig through boxes and bags just to find that misplaced item. Thanks to our maids, NYC is yours to conquer.

We understand there are a lot of options for maid services. New York is one of the biggest cities in the world. However, if you are indeed ready to get the best buzz about your apartment, call us as 212-921-2364 or e-mail us at today. You will swear you have the best maids in NYC.

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Some Of The Areas We Service Include:

  • Lower Manhattan
  • 10014
  • 10169
  • Jackson Heights
  • 10105
  • Morris Heights
  • Union Square
  • East Flatbush – Flatbush
  • Queensbridge
  • Flushing
  • Flushing – Clearview
  • Willets Point
  • 11432
  • Livingston
  • Marine Park
  • Bathgate
  • University Heights
  • 11415
  • Little Neck
  • Pelham – Throgs Neck
  • 11207
  • 10455
  • Kingsbridge Heights
  • 11692
  • 11418
  • Woodhaven
  • 11359
  • Woodside

Last modified: October 18, 2021

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