Keep Earth Clean: How Plastic Bags Pollute Our Environment

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Keep Earth Clean: How Plastic Bags Pollute Our Environment

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Manufacturers began producing plastic bags for retail use during the 1970s as an alternative to paper bags. Plastic bags can be an integral part of the shopping experience. As a bagger at the store places your purchased items into a plastic bag, you might not even think about the potential ramifications of using this common type of bag. The impact of plastic bags on the environment has become significant.

Problems with Plastic

With their prevalent use, plastic bags have become a common feature of the shopping experience. Consumers may reuse plastic bags, but recycling them is less common. Because discarding plastic bags is the most common end result, many of them litter landfills. It’s also common for plastic bags to become marine debris in the oceans, where they can have a devastating impact on marine life. Animals, such as sea turtles, may mistake plastic bags for food. Animals may also become intertwined with plastic bags. For the plastic bags that are recycled, this option also has a downside. Recycling plastic bags is an expensive process. Plastic bags can cause damage to recycling equipment.

Possible Solutions

Communities are exploring possible solutions in the process of cleaning up the environment and minimizing a negative impact on natural ecosystems. Some cities are banning plastic bag usage at retailers. Consumers can also make a positive contribution to the environment by making personal decisions to limit or avoid using plastic bags. Using reusable cloth bags is one alternative to using plastic bags. Return plastic bags to a recycling receptacle to ensure that they do not go to landfills. When disposing of plastic bags, always place them into a non-biodegradable receptacle. Look for newer biodegradable plastic bags when you do opt to use this type of bag for shopping. Biodegradable bags will break down effectively in landfills instead of cluttering these areas.

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Last modified: March 13, 2020

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