The Rest of New York – Outside the City

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The Rest of New York – Outside the City

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New York state is a unique and exciting part of the United States. People come from around the world to visit New York City, but they often neglect the beauty and wonder that lies outside of the Big Apple. From gorgeous natural landscapes to outdoor activities and enlightening museums, the great state of New York is truly a wonder. Learn more and uncover parts of New York you would have never even dreamed of!

New York state is full of historically rich areas and counties. Some of the most important and commonly visited areas of New York include Albany, Saratoga Springs, and Buffalo. Albany is the state capital of New York and one of the oldest surviving European settlements from the time of the 13 original colonies. The Saratoga Springs area has a similar historical background: It’s best known as the place where British Gen. John Burgoyne surrendered his sword to American Gen. Horatio Gates in 1777 after the Battles of Saratoga. To this day, the area is remembered as a place where a turning point in favor of the Americans took place during the Revolutionary War. Buffalo has close ties to the Underground Railroad and the point where many African Americans crossed the Niagara River to safety. No matter where you go in the state of New York, you are sure to be standing on historic ground.

If you are looking for outdoor activities, New York state is full of national landmarks, state parks, and other exciting outdoor venues to explore. The Adirondack Mountains are a great place for outdoor activities and sightseeing. The dome-shaped mountain peaks are a great place for people and families alike to hike, sightsee, and take in all of the natural beauty the state of New York has to offer. You can also visit historic Fort Ticonderoga, the historic Lake Champlain post where Americans made history!

Of course, one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions is Niagara Falls. Ontario, Canada, shares the great natural wonder with New York, and they both have cities with the same name. Many of the businesses and buildings developed around the falls and used the power of the falling water as a source of energy. Today, thousands of tourists make their way to Niagara Falls every year to experience the natural wonder and raw power of the falls.

The entire state of New York is an exciting and interesting place to visit. Whether you are looking to see historic attractions or become one with nature, New York truly has something for every traveler. Visitors are sure to discover something new about the state each time they visit. For instance, did you know that New York was once called New Amsterdam? There are so many fun and interesting facts about New York state; sharpen your knowledge!

  • The town of Madstop in The Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise was based on Potsdam, New York, where Elm Street actually exists. “?Madstop” is Potsdam spelled backwards!
  • Niagara Falls is considered one of the seven Wonders of the World
  • New York was the first state that required cars to have license plates
  • Many great culinary discoveries were made in Rochester, NY. Among these are the development of Jell-O, marshmallows, and mustard
  • New York was the birthplace of many world-changing companies such as GE and Kodak
  • The New York Public Library is the nation’s largest library
  • The first railroad in America ran from Albany to Schenectady and was 11 miles in length
  • There are 58 species of wild orchids grown around the state of New York
  • Rivers and lakes make up more than 70,000 miles of land in New York state
  • The songs of many musicians, including Billy Joel, were inspired by New York and its natural landscapes
  • “Ever Upward” is the official state motto of New York
  • In 1843, the world’s first chess match was held in New York
  • The Woodstock music festival was actually held in Bethel

Last modified: April 9, 2018