Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Busy Bee: Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Cleaning the bathroom is often overlooked, but is highly important as it’s one of the most frequented rooms of the house. Allotting a mere fifteen minutes each day should be enough time to keep the bathroom tidy and hygienic. If you want the job done right the first time, consider getting a maid service. NYC has plenty to choose from. Maid services, NYC and elsewhere, businesses can clean any part of your bathroom, from the toilet to the medicine cabinet. Use this bathroom cleaning guide to get you started.

Sink: Clean a sink and vanity with a dishwashing detergent solution or cleaner and a soft cloth. Rinse the sink completely with warm water and clean it a second time to remove any leftover grime. Scrub the sink drain with an old toothbrush. Use an old credit card to scrap build-up from the joints between the counter and sink. If you need assistance with cleaning your sink or other items in the bathroom, consider hiring a New York maid service.

Toilet: Cleaning toilets is one of the worst jobs in the house; so many homeowners may be tempted to call maid services. NYC has many that offer full bathroom cleaning, including the toilet. Clean and disinfect a toilet bowl with ½ cup chlorine bleach. Put the mixture into the toilet bowl and let it sit for ten minutes. Scrub the inside of the toilet bowl and flush. Rust stains under the toilet bowl may come off with laundry bleach – but be sure to wear gloves. Stubborn stains can be removed with extra-fine steel wool.

Shower: Shower enclosures can be a chore to keep clean. Prevent mildew in a shower stall by wiping the shower walls with a towel after each shower. Leave the shower door slightly open to encourage air flow when showering. Remove hard-water deposits with a solution of water and white vinegar. To loosen soap scum, combine 1 cup fabric softener with 1 quart warm water.

Showerhead: Showerheads can become clogged over time from a build-up of mineral deposits. Cleaning a showerhead may be a job for maid services. NYC has many of these cleaning services that will provide a deep clean of your bathroom. If you want to try it yourself, fill a saucepan with distilled white vinegar and submerge the showerhead. Put the saucepan and showerhead onto the stovetop and simmer for several minutes. Rinse the deposits of the showerhead and replace it when cleaned.

Faucets: Basic cleaning of bathroom faucets can be done by any homeowner. Simply wash the faucet with warm water and mild dish soap. Dry and buff the cleaned faucet with a soft cloth. For a more intense cleaning, consider getting help from a maid service. NYC also sells the basic ingredients you will need to do it yourself. Create a solution of half vinegar and half water and clean and remove fingerprints from the faucet with a clean cloth.

Mirror: Small mirrors are relatively easy to clean; however, larger mirrors can be difficult and may require the assistance of a maid service. NYC shops sell a multitude of cleaning supplies for this exact purpose. Spritz a cloth with glass cleaner to clean mirrors and leave a flawless finish. Dishwashing detergent and water can be used as a substitute for a glass cleaner.

Floor: Bathroom floors should be swept on a regular basis to remove dirt, dust, hair, and other debris. A New York maid service may be suitable for this type of job as it is constant and an important part of bathroom cleaning. To clean a bathroom floor yourself, dissolve oxygen bleach into warm water. Mop the floor with the solution and scrub the grout with a small-bristled toothbrush. Rinse the mop and finish cleaning the floor. Be sure to rinse the floor well.

Cabinets: Emptying and cleaning of bathroom cabinets is a job that many leave for their New York maid service. If you decide you’re up to the challenge, begin by emptying the contents and cleaning out the empty cabinet with a wipe and cloth. Scrub dirty areas with a toothbrush. If working with a wood cabinet, use a wood cleaner and work in the direction of the grain, from top to bottom. Polish cabinet knobs to finish.

Bathtub: Most bathtubs are made from porcelain, which is a material that can easily rust and stain if not maintained. As your family will be lying in the tub, it’s important for it to be extremely clean. Many use professionals for this reason, such as maid services. New York has many to choose from. Porcelain bathtubs should be cleaned with a non-abrasive power and scouring pad. Rinse well when cleaned.

Bathrooms are one of the most neglected rooms of the house. They are the reason that so many people invest in maid services. New York has many to choose from. Maid services, New York businesses and elsewhere offer full cleaning services – from toilet scrubbing to shower soap scum removal. If you’re up to these tasks yourself, the tips mentioned above can guide you through the process of cleaning your bathroom.


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