Bathroom Cleaning: Tile & Grout

Busy Bee: Bathroom Cleaning – Tile & Grout

Keeping the tile and grout in a bathroom clean is a difficult job. Often, is seems as if large amounts of dirt, grime, and debris build up on almost a daily basis. While keeping the tile and grout in a home bathroom clean and neat is difficult enough, this problem becomes even more of a challenge when a commercial bathroom is involved. To ensure optimal results when it comes to the tile and grout in a commercial building, cleaning staff must be sure to use the right types of equipment and cleaning solutions. In some cases, when dirty tile and grout is an especially difficult problem, hiring a commercial cleaning service may become a necessity. Before hiring a commercial cleaning service, individuals should always be sure to check references and create a contract. In most cases, cleaning services, commercial and private, can be found through friends, family members, work contacts, or public health agencies.

Using Natural Cleaners

There is no question that there are a variety of different types of cleaning solutions that can be used to keep bathroom tile and grout looking neat and fresh. However, as more and more individuals support the “green” movement, natural cleaners are increasing in popularity. One of the most popular ways to clean bathroom tile with natural materials involves creating a thick paste with water, vinegar, and baking soda, and scrubbing it over dirty tile with a short-bristled, stiff brush. Once the tile has been cleaned, it can be rinsed with clean, warm water. Similarly—when applied to a toothbrush—baking soda can be effective at removing dirt and stains from bathroom grout.

In most cases, the use of natural cleaners will not be a first choice for a commercial cleaning business. Instead, a commercial office cleaning service will be more likely to use chemicals—which also have their place and are often quite effective. Individuals who are committed to the “green” movement may want to specify their preference for the use of natural cleaning compounds when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaning business. In some cases, commercial office cleaning services will be willing to use specific cleaning materials, granted that they are subsidized for the price of purchase of the new items.

Using Chemical Cleaners

Just as there are a number of natural cleaning solutions for use on bathroom tile and grout, so are there products that contain manufactured chemicals. Traditionally, degreasers are used to remove dirt and grime from bathroom tiles and grout. As mentioned above, these products are the ones which are most commonly used by commercial office cleaning services. Individuals who are concerned about possible toxins should consult with commercial office cleaning services before work is initiated to identify the exact products in use.

Using Machines

The use of machines to clean bathroom tile and grout is commonly employed by commercial building cleaning services. Often, using these machines is faster and less difficult than scrubbing with a brush, sponge, or mop. The most popular types of machines used to clean bathroom tile and grout include steam vapor cleaners and other similar items. When hiring a cleaning service, commercial business owners should be sure to identify the exact types of machines used. The cleaning service, commercial business owners, and other involved parties should discuss when and how these items will be used to prevent client or customer disturbance. In some cases, a contract between the cleaning service, commercial business owners, and others can ensure optimal results when it comes to the use of this type of machinery.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

As discussed previously, many business owners turn to the use of a commercial cleaning business to ensure a neat and tidy bathroom. This is especially true when bathroom tile and grout is exceptionally dirty or damaged, as employees may be unwilling to work with certain chemicals or unfamiliar with specific types of machinery. To ensure optimal results when hiring a commercial cleaning business, individuals should obtain recommendations from friends, family members, or other contacts. When hiring for a commercial building, cleaning staff are often needed at least once a week. To avoid sights or scents that could disturb workers, professional commercial cleaning that is done in a busy office should be scheduled in the evening, on the weekends, or at least at slower parts of the day.

If you need to hire professional commercial cleaning services we can help. Individuals who are looking to hire professional commercial cleaning services may have heard about services via word of mouth or by searching the Internet. Those who are interested in hiring cleaning services, commercial or private, have come to the right place. Employers should remember that when hiring cleaning services, commercial or otherwise, employees should always be treated with dignity and respect.


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