Floor Waxing

Busy Bee: A Guide To Floor Waxing

The majority of people refrain from sweeping and mopping their floors, much less waxing them. A well-waxed floor provides a sleek and clean look for any room within a residential or commercial establishment. In fact, most would prefer to hire any number of floor waxing services to accomplish the task for them. Floor waxing is not really a difficult or complicated task once fully understanding the basics. The following floor waxing guide will equip homeowners with the ability to clean the entire house without fear of damaging the floors.

After deciding to wax the floors, the first step an individual should attempt is stripping the old wax buildup. The easiest way to achieve this task is by applying a wax stripper compound, often found in a home improvement or hardware store. Read the labels on the chosen wax stripper to ensure the correct wax stripper is used on the right flooring type, such as hardwood, laminate, and vinyl materials. Manually stripping the old wax can prove arduous for most people, so purchasing or renting a floor scrubber from one of the available floor waxing services will make it a lot easier.

Gather the necessary supplies, such as the chosen commercially prepared wax stripper, broom, mop, scrubbing pads and brushes, a putty knife, bucket, and some rags. Next, read the instructions on the wax stripper container for the most practical applications. Do not apply wax stripper in an enclosed area. The toxic fumes from the wax stripper can have a nauseating effect on those exposed to the substance for too long. Be sure to take regular breaks for expansive commercial floors after completing small sections. Wear rubber gloves to protect against harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin upon direct contact. In addition to regular breaks, try to wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling debris.

Start by removing furniture and rugs from the general area and then sweep all debris from the floor. Apply the wax stripper to a small section of an old floor to determine if the entire floor needs to be replaced. Choose the farthest corner in the room and then plan to work towards the doorway. Dilute the wax stripper in accordance to the directions given on the bottle. Coat the first section of the floor and then hand scrub or use a floor machine until removing all of the old wax buildup. Reapply the wax stripper and then scrape the old wax buildup with a putty knife. Use old rags to soak the extra moisture and then discard into the nearest trash receptacle. In addition, mop the floor with clean water to clean it of excess debris.

After stripping the old wax buildup and cleaning the floor of its debris, the next step would imply the application of fresh wax. Be sure to purchase an applicable wax for the establishment’s flooring type. Start by applying a fresh thin coating of floor wax in the farthest corner of the room with a clean mop head. Pay attention to any areas that require a thorough coating. Apply between two and three layers of fresh wax onto each small section and then let it dry before apply the next coating. Most commercial floor waxing services recommend waiting around forty five minutes between each fresh wax application, although it may require more time in different areas of the establishment. Move the furniture back into the room once the final coat has dried.

Choose a reliable floor waxing supply dealer. Purchase a floor cleaner that will not cause damage to the newly waxed surface. Select a floor cleaner from the same manufacturer as the purchased floor wax to ensure both are compatible. For regular maintenance, consider purchasing a floor buffing machine from any number of reputable floor waxing services. In addition, apply a fresh thin coating to a well-cleaned floor on occasion. Do not overcoat the floor with an abundance of wax. Too much wax can cause a yellow-esque buildup, which must be immediately stripped in the same steps mentioned above. Over-application of floor wax will make future floor waxing jobs much more difficult than previous times.

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