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Get Professional NYC Cleaning Services When Moving at Low Rates

If you’re one of the millions of New Yorkers who every year are moving out of an old apartment, condo, or home and into a new one, cleaning is very often at the bottom of the priority list with so many other more important tasks to do. With Busy Bee cleaning services, however, there is no need to worry about forfeiting your security deposit by not cleaning your old apartment or condo at the end of your lease or moving into your new one and discovering that it’s filthy because the previous occupant left without cleaning.

We know that when moving, cleaning can take a back seat, so why not let us take care of your move out cleaning and/or move in cleaning so that you can focus on what’s really important: packing up your treasured belongings and transporting them to your new home. Enjoy peace of mind that an old apartment has been properly cleaned and tended to or that a new apartment is ready to be moved into. While you’re moving, cleaning whichever apartment you need us to will always be our top priority so that you can focus on yours.

Why Use Our Move in Cleaning and Move Out Cleaning Services?

When you hire Busy Bee cleaning services, you can trust that you’re getting the New York City area’s premier cleaning experts. We have plenty of experience in facilitating New York residents moving, cleaning plenty of their former or future apartments, condos, and homes. We take pride in helping our clients who are moving out, cleaning their former residences to their exact standards, as well as allowing our clients to move into sparkling clean apartments, condos, or homes. Rest assured that you’ll be able to move in or out on whichever date you desire and that cleaning a former or future home won’t be holding you back.

We’re fully insured and bonded so you can take comfort in knowing that we’re protected against any contingencies.

Why Use Us for Upholstery Cleaning?

New York is full of companies looking to provide you with furniture cleaning. NYC is great this way in that this competition can only help you find affordable services for upholstery cleaning. New York is exactly the right city for the savvy consumer. 

Mattress Cleaning – NYC is home to millions of people, with so many of those people living on top of one another, it is no surprise that someone’s pests can become some building’s or neighborhood’s pest with the passage of time. So why not let us clean your mattress for you, so you know it was done right and with care.

Couch Cleaning – We all do the dishes, dust, and vacuum, but it is pretty seldom we worry about couch cleaning. NYC is such a social city, many of us, with the amount of friends and family visiting on any given day, can have these friends and family sitting on dirty couches. Even if you have vacuumed a couch, it is not entirely clean. Busy Bee can take care of this for you.

Other Furniture Cleaning – NYC does not leave us with a lot of time to think about furniture cleaning, but it is important not only to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, but your health; especially when moving in or out of your home, when moving furniture can move into the air when you move the furniture.

Which Move in Cleaning and Move Out Cleaning Services Can We Offer You?

  • Cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen including floors, counters, sinks, cabinets, microwaves, and the inside of refrigerators and freezers.
  • Cleaning stove, oven, and other kitchen appliances.
  • Dusting and cleaning kitchen cabinets.
  • Scrubbing bathroom floors, wall tiles, grout, showers and/or tubs, and sinks.
  • Disinfecting toilets.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing medicine cabinets.
  • Washing the interior of windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.
  • Checking beneath windows and door frames for signs of mold.
  • Picking up, bagging, and discarding any remaining trash and litter.
  • Washing any hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors and
  • Dusting window blinds, air vents and returns, ceiling fans, light fixtures and mantles.
  • Shampooing and vacuuming carpets and runners.
  • Wiping down interior walls and removing stains.
  • Dust and clean closets.
  • Clean entryways, stairs, porches, and other adjacent areas.
  • Removing cobwebs.

Additional Resources

Some Of The Areas We Service Include:

  • Sunset Park
  • Pelham – Throgs Neck
  • 11102
  • 10170
  • Westchester Square
  • 10301
  • Hunts Point – Mott Haven
  • 11364
  • Elmhurst
  • Ridgewood
  • Harlem
  • Co-op City
  • Clason Point
  • East Gravesend
  • Rochdale Village
  • Richmond Hill
  • 11040
  • New Hyde Park
  • 11405
  • 10039
  • Kings Bay
  • 11694
  • 11377
  • Crotona – Tremont
  • Kingsbridge Heights
  • Whitestone
  • Mill Basin
  • Marble Hill


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