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Busy Bee Cleaning Service : Chemical Safety

When it comes to choosing the best cleaning services NYC has to offer, there is one area where special attention must be given: safety. A professional commercial cleaning service must know how to handle various chemicals safely and efficiently. There are federal, state, and local laws that govern the way those in the cleaning industry purchase, use, store, and dispose of chemical cleaners. A professional commercial cleaning business will have a clear understanding of various chemical ingredients used in industrial strength cleaners as relates to safety and health. The safety of chemicals used by commercial building cleaning services is of the utmost concern and only those that are known for being environmentally friendly and safe for humans should be used on a regular basis. Professional commercial cleaning companies must have a thorough understanding of how different chemicals and cleaning ingredients interact as well.

Those in New York must make certain they operate according to local laws to ensure they provide safe cleaning services. Commercial buildings may require more care than residential facilities, making it imperative that cleaning companies understand which products are best. New York has also made a strong effort for companies to select environmentally friendly or green cleaning products. There are several advantages to choosing an environmentally friendly cleaning service. Commercial companies that use cleaning products and chemicals that are green, appeal to a wider clientele base. As New York continues to focus on more environmentally friendly buildings, construction materials, and cleaning supplies, green commercial office cleaning services are in demand. When it comes to the different types of cleaning services NYC has to offer, there is no doubt that environmentally friendly companies are widely sought after.

A professional commercial cleaning service should not only familiarize themselves and their staff with various chemical ingredients and possible reactions should they be mixed, but also with environmentally friendly alternatives. A green commercial cleaning business will use products that are biodegradable, do not contain toxic fumes, or harsh chemicals, and are an addition to the surfaces where they are used. One area of commercial building cleaning that is prone to harsh, toxic chemicals involves cleaning floors. It is not uncommon for a professional commercial cleaning company to use chemical laden floor strippers, polishes, and waxes that may contain toxins. A commercial building cleaning service will also ensure they do not use any products that contain fluorocarbons. Choose a commercial cleaning service that has a full commitment to safety, health, and the environment. 

By taking your time and performing your research, you can ensure the company you select will provide comprehensive cleaning services. Commercial buildings have specific needs and each commercial or industrial building will require different services. Make a list and write down everything you expect from a cleaning service. Commercial businesses will have a variety of tasks need to be performed. It is best to address these beforehand and make certain you have an open dialogue with the company. Decide what you expect from commercial office cleaning services and discuss your expectations. Open communication is the best way to ensure that your needs are met and you remain satisfied with your service. The best cleaning services NYC offers are those that fully meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

A professional commercial cleaning business provides a variety of tasks such as ensuring floors and carpets are maintained in top form, provide regular office cleaning, make certain restrooms, break rooms, and other rooms remain clean and sanitized, and ensure windows are kept in pristine condition. A professional commercial cleaning service should clean, disinfect, and sanitize rooms. Determine if you will need interior or exterior cleaning services. Commercial properties differ from residential properties where their services are not an option, but a necessity. Residential cleaning services are often seen as a luxury that may be used on a temporary basis, while a commercial business must ensure they have daily cleaning service. Commercial businesses require daily sanitation of restrooms, areas where food is prepared, and must make certain that the building is ready to accommodate visitors at all times. 

Commercial office cleaning services are one of the best ways to make certain that your office is always ready for the next client or customer and that employees remain safe and healthy. By choosing safe cleaning products and knowing the chemicals used, you can reduce the risk of anyone having a negative reaction or suffering ill effects directly related to the toxicity of the chemicals used. Make certain to use a professional, cleaning company that comprehends the importance of using safe cleaning methods and supplies.

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Last modified: March 13, 2020

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