Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guide

Every day, we walk on the carpets in our homes. Multiply that foot traffic by hundreds to arrive out the amount of times a carpet in a commercial building is trend upon in just one day. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) publishes guidelines regarding residential carpet cleaning. Other professionals issue guides for carpet office cleaning frequency. Following these extends the life of the carpet and makes it look spectacular every day of the week.

Little feet wreak havoc in a day care, requiring carpet cleaning every two weeks in normal and cold weather climates. Frequency should be increased if the facility operates in multiple shifts. In areas of high dust or humidity, the carpet should be cleaned every week. Carpets in nursing homes should be cleaned monthly. In a high humidity biogenic nursing home area, a weekly cleaning is recommended.

Companies located on the ground floor of an office building should include carpets in the office cleaning regimen every two or three to six months, based on climate. In dusty regions, cleaning frequency might need to be increased to every one to four months. Businesses located on higher floors in the building should have carpets cleaned every two to six months in dusty areas, three to nine months in cold weather climates, and six to twelve months in normal conditions.

Food service establishments have a greater likelihood of experiencing stained or soiled carpets. Their carpets should be cleaned weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on whether conditions are dusty, characterized by cold weather, or normal. The regular schedule is monthly but may need to be increased to weekly or bi-weekly, based on these factors.

In a commercial establishment like a bank or retail store that experiences visits from customers, a cleaning every three to six months will be sufficient in normal environments. However, extremely cold climates may require bimonthly cleaning and if the outside area is dusty, carpets may need to be cleaned monthly.

Spots and spills should be cleaned as soon as they occur, if possible. Getting a stain up before it sets in the carpet can may even eliminate the need for professional cleaning. Cleaning methods play a role in determining cleaning frequency. Carpets that are regularly vacuumed sometimes do not require professional cleaning on as regular a basis as those that are not. Carpets are an investment in the appearance of the business so they should be treated as such.

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