Cleaning Out The Basement

Busy Bee: Cleaning Out The Basement

Spring cleaning may consist of fixing the outside of a home, painting the interior, and tidying up the kitchen and bathroom. Homeowners tend to overlook the basement, mainly because it acts as a storage unit for unwanted items. Therefore, these areas tend to accumulate more junk and dirt than other places around the house. Careful planning and time management can make clearing out the basement a manageable task. In addition, cleaning the basement will make the house more presentable to prospective buyers when it comes time to move to another location.

A basement can quickly fill up with a ton of junk, especially in large metropolitan areas, such as New York City. Most people have two options: clean the basement yourself, or call a New York maid service. Both options require pulling everything out of the targeted space for cleaning. Consider the overall weather conditions, and choose a day suitable to bring all of the stuff into the front yard or driveway. In addition, acquire the help of family and friends if unable to hire a New York maid service. NYC is the city that never sleeps so it will be easy to find a cleaning service to fit your schedule.

Sort everything on the front yard or driveway into five separate categories, including wanted items, valuable unwanted items, donations, junk, and undecided whereabouts. To decide whether to keep an item, consider its age, usability, and sentimental value. If the item has value but is no longer needed in the home, then consider selling it to a prospective buyer or make some inquiries with the maid service. NYC has many antique shops and secondhand stores that they might be able to tell you about.

Supervise the New York maid service to ensure that the correct choices are made and that nothing gets tossed out irrespectively. The chosen maid service can probably arrange for appointments and pickups of charitable items. In addition, these items can be given away to family and friends. Maid services, NYC and elsewhere can contact the local library for donations of any unused learning materials. Bring a few of these items to work for colleagues to pick and choose from can help needy families.

Most people have forgotten about the valuable items stored away in their attics, garages, and basements. Homeowners should coordinate with neighbors to have a neighborhood yard sale for items that hold a modest monetary value. Some maid services, NYC and elsewhere could recommend appraisal agencies to assess the value of items that appear to have more worth, such as antiques and collectibles. In addition, homeowners may want to try an online auction website or post an advertisement in the local newspaper to maximize earning potential.

Homeowners may feel overwhelmed enough to hire any number of maid services, NYC and elsewhere for extreme cases. For instance, hoarders have a disorder that causes them to save useless junk that should have been tossed out into the garbage in prior months. The selected maid services, NYC and beyond should bag up the garbage and place it by a waste receptacle. Extra precautions should be taken for hazardous waste, such as paint, paint thinner, motor oil, anti-freeze, brake and transmission fluid, used car batteries, and gasoline. Never pour these items down a drain. The local waste department can be contacted by maid services. NYC has a waste department that can help answer questions about disposing of hazardous materials.

Take a careful look at the uncategorized pile of items and then carefully examine the items. Do not hoard the items that should be thrown out. For instance, discard old computers, furniture pieces, clothing, worn-out shoes, useless seasonal decorations, and unfinished repair projects. If any of these items can be sold or donated, then take the aforementioned steps to get the item into the hands of needy individuals. Pack the remainder of the items and then place a label with a specified deadline onto the box. Revisit the package by the specified date and determine its destination. Homeowners should organize all keep-safe items into separate groups, such as sports equipment, tools, lawn care supplies, and memorabilia. Place these items into clearly marked plastic bins for future use and to keep them out of the way of the maid service. NYC also has storage facilities if you start to run out of room to store belongings.

After removing the clutter, take the initiative to thoroughly clean the basement. Instruct maid services New York and in other areas to remove accumulated dirt, cobwebs, and stains. These maid services, New York and elsewhere should have all of the equipment and cleaning materials to remove oil stains off the basement floor. Homeowners can use sand or kitty litter to soak the oil stains and then sweep it up after 24 hours. A heavy-duty cleaner should remove these oil spills from the concrete floors of a basement or garage. Use an existing workshop vacuum to clean removed cobwebs and dirt from the walls and ceilings. Ask any of the maid services New York and beyond to work on the light fixtures and replace all dimmed light bulbs.

Finally, create a storage space for all keep-safe items. Carefully affix a label onto every storage bin. Organize similar items together and then keep them readily accessible for future projects. Maintaining a storage space will keep the basement tidy and organized while displaying the house to guests and prospective buyers. If you do not have time to clean out the basement yourself, contact a maid service. NYC offers great cleaning services.

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