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Busy Bee: House/Apartment Cleaning Schedule

People in the Big Apple have a lot to do, including keeping their homes and apartments clean. Hiring a maid service, NYC based or based elsewhere, can make sure that a house stays clean. So can sticking to a regular cleaning schedule. Establishing a cleaning routine means the apartment or house is visitor-ready at any time. Home owners or renters can work with a New York maid service to set up a cleaning schedule. If they wish, they can hire maid services. New York isn’t the only area where people can work with a professional to keep their living space tidy.

Daily Kitchen Schedule

A few chores need to be performed in the kitchen each day to keep it clean. Some people prefer to leave the kitchen clean up to the evening, after they have had dinner or a late-night snack. After meals, dishes should be loaded into the dishwasher. If there is no dishwasher, the dishes should be washed and dried by hand, then put away. Counters and stove tops should be wiped with a damp sponge and some soap every day or after every meal. The floor should be swept nightly. Any textiles used in the kitchen should be put away, folded and hung up, or stashed in a hamper to be laundered.

Weekly and Monthly Kitchen Clean Up

A New York maid service can come into an apartment or home and perform weekly or monthly cleaning in the kitchen. Chores that should be performed on a weekly or monthly schedule include cleaning inside the refrigerator, microwave and oven, as well as sorting through foods in the pantry and freezer and removing any that have spoiled. If there is a hood over the oven, that should be cleaned monthly. The kitchen floor should also be mopped and vacuumed weekly, a task easily handled by maid services. NYC maids are very skilled at their jobs and can easily make your kitchen appear spotless.

Daily Bathroom Chores

Regular upkeep in the bathroom keeps fixtures sparklingly clean. People should wipe out the sink after brushing their teeth in the morning, then wipe the toilet seat and around the rim of the bowl. Glass surfaces such as the mirror and shower doors should be wiped with a towel or cleaned with a squeegee. To keep the shower clean, people can spray it with a shower cleaner after they are finished bathing.

Weekly Bathroom Chores

Weekly chores in the bathroom can be handled by maid services, New York or elsewhere, or by the renter or homeowner. Towels and bathmats should be laundered weekly. The toilet bowl can be scrubbed on a weekly basis. So that a person isn’t left deep cleaning the bathroom all day, they can allocate different chores to different days. For example, laundry can be done on Tuesday and the toilet deep-cleaned on Wednesday.

Bedroom Daily Tasks

Keeping the bedroom neat and tidy is simple. The bed should be made daily. If a person is in a rush or if the maid service, NYC isn’t scheduled for that day, they can get away with simply pulling the quilt or comforter over a pile of sheets and with re-arranging the pillows. They should pick up anything that’s fallen to the floor, such as books or magazines. Clothing and accessories should be put away before bedtime.

Bedroom Weekly Chores

A New York maid service can come in each week to launder and change the bed linens and vacuum or sweep the floor in the bed room. Maid services, NYC based, can also dust the surfaces in the bedroom weekly. People may also wish to sort through items that tend to accumulate in the room, such as magazines by the nightstand or piles of jewelry on the dresser, on a weekly basis. Items that are used can be stored away. Unused items can be donated or discarded.

General House Cleaning Schedule

People can set up a list of tasks to complete in the house as a whole on a daily basis. They can work with their maid service, NYC based or elsewhere, to create the list. They can also divide the list by tasks to be completed by themselves and tasks to be completed by maid services. New York homeowners who have children can also assign some chores to their kids. Here is a sample weekly general cleaning schedule for a family and maid services, NYC based and around the United States:

Monday: Vacuum rugs and carpets throughout house.

Tuesday: Clean windows throughout the house.

Wednesday: Launder and fold clothing. Take clothing to dry cleaners if necessary.

Thursday: Clean and remove clutter from entrance to the house.

Friday: Dust and wipe down surfaces throughout the house, including counters, banisters, and tables.


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