A Consumer Guide to the Clean Air Act

A Consumer Guide to the Clean Air Act

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In today’s world, we have many natural resources that we need to protect and ensure that they are safe to use today and tomorrow. These resources include water, trees, land and other important elements that are needed for our survival. While we need all of these elements to live our daily lives in good health, one of the most important of these natural resources is the air.

Humans and animals need to breathe air in order to survive in our everyday life. The body needs clean, fresh air in order to exist and if it is not clean, the body will reject the air. In some instances, if the air is not clean, this could trigger various health problems. And the chief cause of poor air quality has been from man-made causes of air pollution.

Air pollution can be described simply as the introduction in the air of chemicals or other harmful materials that can damage the atmosphere of the Earth. This damage can have an adverse health effect because of continued exposure. These health risks can include respiratory problems, heart disease, and even lung cancer.

Air pollution has been a growing concern for a number of years. In 1970, the United States Government enacted legislation with an aim to control the problems of air pollution. There are several different provisions to the Act that deal with emission standards for vehicles, noise pollution and many other areas that sets acceptable and safe levels of air quality.

To learn more about the concerns of air pollution and how the Clean Air Act is working towards a safe and healthier life for everyone.

We hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to return to this page often to help learn how you can do your part for cleaner air.


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