For Commercial Cleaning Companies, The Office Cleaning Checklist Is Long

Commercial cleaning services that specialize in offices take their work very seriously. Whether five or five hundred people work in the office, the space must be clean. Cleaners that serve major metropolitan areas like New York City have become experts at cleaning every size, shape, and style of office. They handle high rises just as easily as they clean a one-story building.

The best cleaning companies have a cleaning checklist and follow it religiously. The list is long and begins with cleaning the office work areas. Trash bins are emptied daily and outfitted with new trash bags. Carpets are vacuumed and hard floors are swept and mopped. Approximately once per week, office fixtures are dusted. No detail is left unaddressed, with door handles being sanitized prior to the lights being turned off and the doors locked.

Office break rooms see a lot of daily activity and commercial cleaning services tackle the cleanup with vigor. They empty trash bins, clean floors, and clean inside microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee machines. Outer handles of these appliances are sanitized and surfaces like chairs, tables, cabinets, countertops, and sinks are wiped.

Floors and trash in common areas are taken care of and if the space contains glass doors, these are cleaned daily. Exposed woodwork is wiped down daily, leaving it lustrous for the next busy workday. Carpet cleaning usually involves vacuuming each of these areas but if stains are present, deeper cleaning can be arranged. Cleaning companies can even rewax floors and buff them to a lustrous sheen, leaving them looking like new.

Most items on the commercial cleaning checklist relate to office bathrooms. Knowing the proper way to clean restrooms makes all the difference. Trash is emptied, trash bags are changed, and then the real cleaning begins. The handle, bowl, and seat of the toilet are cleaned and sanitized. Even urinals and their handles are scrubbed and sanitized, a rather thankless task. Door handles and toilet paper holders are also sanitized. If the bathroom contains an air freshener, the cartridge is replaced as needed.

Without regular cleaning, an office can become a breeding ground for germs, allergies, and vermin. Commercial cleaning companies thoroughly clean office work areas, break rooms, common areas, and restrooms on a daily basis. When requested, they do deep carpet cleaning and repolish floors. Once they complete their long checklist for one business, it is on to the next for the same treatment.

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