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What is a Green Building?


According to EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:


  • Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources
  • Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation

With concerns about global warming and the size of our carbon footprint, so many buildings everywhere, including here in New York City, are going green. Whether new construction or a renovated existing building, “green” means “sustainable.” In other words, the design and systems more efficiently utilize resources like water and energy. When work environments incorporate these kinds of systems, research shows that employees often become more productive and even experience fewer sick days.

Various substances and materials used in construction a decade ago have since been found to slowly emit unhealthy or even harmful vapors that ended up in the air outside and trapped and circulated through indoor ventilation systems. Today, “green” buildings use durable, recycled building materials made of substances that don’t emit harmful vapors. This makes a significant contribution toward reducing the carbon footprint. On the increase in the manufacture of more and more construction materials that can be recycled and renewed, making them useful beyond normal life expectancies.

Green building architecture and designs that incorporate shape and placement can maximize natural light. Research has shown that the use of natural light in the work environment can have a positive effect on employee well-being and can even lead to improvements in productivity. In areas where artificial light is needed, replacing fluorescents with high-efficiency systems that use motion detectors and dimmers can reduce and turn off lights when they are not needed. “Task” lighting at individual work areas can reduce the need for bright, overhead lighting. Using radiant flooring will absorb heat produced by natural sunlight.

Studies have shown that respiratory problems like asthma are sometimes induced by poor ventilation systems in work environments. Today’s more efficient systems have programmable controls that help reduce energy use outside of business hours. More important, though, is their disbursement of greatly-reduced amounts of dust particles and moisture. Fewer respiratory ailments mean less time lost to illness.

Solar power as an alternative source of energy can further reduce carbon emissions. Rooftops made for low-maintenance vegetative areas can add insulation. Systems placed beneath the soil are used for redirecting rainwater to holding tanks intended for conservative-flush toilets. This can significantly reduce the draw on municipalities’ water supplies. Additionally, a green rooftop adds an aesthetic element to office surroundings.

Studies have shown that structures made of environment-friendly, green building materials can improve building function and efficiency, and have a positive effect on employee performance. Respiratory problems are reduced, and the symptoms of “sick building syndrome” can be alleviated, or even eliminated.

Busy Bee’s Commitment to the Environment

Your green building deserves a green cleaning company. Busy Bee recognizes the desire, and the need, to be eco-friendly. In addition to the measures NYC businesses take to reduce their toll on the environment, we take extra care to be among the area’s green cleaning services. Busy Bee proudly offers great green cleaning, NYC! We use biodegradable, green cleaners, and in the correct amounts, thereby reducing potentially harmful fumes and irritants. And we choose products that are packaged in bulk, to reduce waste.

Whenever you wish, Busy Bee will give your carpets a green carpet cleaning. This is another green cleaning service we can offer. Everyone is interested in green cleaning – New York City especially. While it’s on everyone’s mind, it’s on ours, too. We’re one of the green cleaning companies here in the Metro area that can help your building boast a great green clean — inside and out — with Busy Bee Cleaning Service’s green cleaning methods and products. Call us today for a free quote.

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Some Of The Areas We Service Include:

  • Battery Park City
  • Williamsburg
  • Mount Hope
  • Melrose
  • 10032
  • Breezy Point
  • Ditmars
  • Laurelton
  • Silver Beach
  • Mill Island
  • 10453
  • 11230
  • Bayside – Little Neck
  • 10309
  • Bellerose
  • 11372
  • Prospect Heights
  • 11106
  • 11219
  • Douglaston
  • Stapleton – St. George
  • 11421
  • Financial District
  • 10002
  • City Line
  • Bedford Park
  • 11003
  • Pelham Bay


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