Keeping An Office Clean

Busy Bee: How To Keep An Office Clean

Unfortunately, with today’s busy schedules, keeping one’s home and vehicle clean and tidy is becoming more and more difficult. This is true even more so when it comes to an office or workspace, where papers, files, and other pieces of equipment can rapidly accumulate. Individuals who are serious about keeping a clean office are often encouraged to understand its importance, develop a paper management system, limit pictures, and organize books. Finally, individuals who attempt these techniques and still experience difficulty with keeping a clean office may want to consider hiring an office cleaning service. Individuals who are considering hiring office cleaners should remember that depending on the particular region or country, an office building cleaning service can vary quite dramatically in price.

Understand the Importance of Maintaining a Clean Office

Understanding the importance of maintaining a clean office is essential for both new and experienced business men and women. Keeping an office clean can not only be an effective way to save time, but can portray an image of professionalism to potential clients. For individuals with multiple offices, cleaning can seem especially intimidating. As described above, those who are new to the process may want to consider hiring an office building cleaning service.

Develop a Paper Management System

The task of office cleaning is an unpopular task for many busy employees. Unfortunately, by the time that the need for a good office cleaning is recognized, the mess has become so large that it is almost unmanageable. One of the easiest ways to prevent stress and decrease hours of work when it comes to office cleaning is to implement an effective paper management system. In general, a good paper management system features an inbox, which contains items that have not yet been reviewed, a current projects rack, which holds items that are currently “in the works,” and an incubation box, which may feature items that are “on hold.” Individuals who are serious about office building cleaning may also want to include a filing cabinet, dump boxes, and a variety of other materials. While an effective a paper management system may take time to develop, it is essential when it comes to the process of streamlining office building cleaning.

Limit Pictures

To ensure a clean office, pictures should also be kept in check. In most cases, this is one of the most unpopular parts of office building cleaning, as many individuals will be unwilling to part with photos of family and/or friends. According to some researchers, however, more than three or four photos on ones’ desk can prove to be a distraction. To enhance offices cleaning, workers should remove all unnecessary pictures, paintings, or photos. These items can be instead put in a place of prominence at home.

Organize Books

An important part of cleaning office buildings involves the organization of text and reference books. Depending on the particular industry, these books may become outdated—and therefore useless—in a relatively short period of time. When cleaning office buildings, employees should be sure to evaluate the usefulness of books on a regular basis. Those that have not been used within the last year may be eligible for donation or disposal. While this task may be an unpopular part of cleaning office buildings, it is essential to ensure optimal results.

Hire an Office Cleaning Service

Finally, individuals who simply do not have enough hours in the day to maintain a clean office may want to consider hiring an office cleaning service. Office cleaning services can often be hired on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and may charge by the hour, day, or work on a salaried basis. Individuals who are interested in hiring office cleaning services may want to speak with colleagues in the field to obtain references or recommendations. Busy business men or women may also be able to hire office cleaning services based on Internet referral systems and message boards. When hiring for multiple offices, cleaning services may be able to offer a group or reduced rate.

In some cases, smaller businesses or organizations may not be able to afford an office building cleaning service. For these businesses, the job of office cleaner may need to be assigned to a particular employee, volunteer, or intern. While the position of office cleaner may not be a popular one, it should still be treated with respect. The assigned office cleaner should still be allowed an adequate amount of time to perform his or her other tasks. Employers may also want to recognize assigned office cleaners at the end of the year with a special gift or bonus.

To ensure optimal results when it comes to hiring cleaning services, office managers may want to evaluate their effectiveness from time to time. Employees within the cleaning services, office managers, and other leaders within the organization should set expectations and ensure they are being met. In the event that assigned tasks are not being completed, cleaning services office contracts may need to be terminated. Office cleaners should always be provided with an appropriate explanation for the termination, to ensure all legal requirements have been met.

Dispose of Food Storage Containers

The regular disposal of food storage containers should be a no-brainer for business men and women of all levels. Fast food or ziplock bags, plastic utensils, and storage containers are not only unsightly, but in many cases can be unsanitary. Unfortunately, in some cases, especially busy workers may not have time to perform this task themselves—and instead, it often becomes a responsibility of office cleaners. For optimal results, employers should always remember to treat office cleaners with respect and dignity.

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