Green Cleaning Tips for the Home or Office

Green Cleaning Tips for the Home or Office

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With increasing talk of global warming and pollution of the air and water, people are looking for ways to protect the environment. One of the ways that they are accomplishing this is by following eco-friendly cleaning practices in their homes and offices, and choosing or creating green cleaning products. Green cleaning has many benefits that go beyond protecting the eco-system, however. The same chemicals that threaten the environment also threaten human health. In addition, when contained inside of a home or office, indoor pollution from certain chemicals can be even more hazardous to breathe. As a result, the health benefits associated with using chemical-free products are a serious bonus for many. Eco-friendly cleaning not only reduces indoor toxins in the air, but also on surfaces where families play, sleep, and eat on a regular basis. In addition to green cleaning, people are also choosing to create more environmentally friendly spaces at work as well as at home.

General Green Cleaning

  • Green Cleaning: Review this PDF brochure for both tips and recipes for green cleaners. The tips are for how to use less hazardous cleaners and the recipes include an all-purpose green cleaner.
  • Tips for Better Green Cleaning: A Fox News article that gives readers advice on how to improve their green cleaning methods. Readers will learn what not to use when cleaning and how to use certain products like vinegar and castile soap.
  • Green Cleaning Tips: This page lists common green cleaning ingredients and tips on how to properly use them for the best results.
  • Better Homes and Garden: Green Cleaning Recipes and Ingredients: On this page, readers will find eco-friendly ingredients as well as recipes that can be used for cleaning. Clicking on the link for the second page to the article will take the reader to a list of commercial green cleaning products.

Green Cleaning Tips for the Home

  • My Home: Green Cleaning: A guide on how to approach green cleaning at home. The guide reviews how to make a green clean kit, buying the correct products, and dispose of any hazardous products safely and correctly.
  • Green Cleaning Tips: This article discusses how to find commercial green cleaning products for the home that meet the requirements set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It also reviews products that are already in the home that can be used for cleaning.
  • Easy Cheap and Green Cleaning Tips for Floors: Review this article to learn eco-friendly ways to clean floors in the home. Instructions are given on how to clean wood, vinyl, and tile flooring.
  • Keep it Green and Clean: This is an ABC News video on green cleaning in the home. The article starts by discussing green cleaners for dishes. Midway through the video, tips are given for how to green clean the kitchen using eco-friendly home cleaners
  • Eight Ways to go Green While Cleaning Your Home: A list of eight tips on how to clean the home in a more environmentally conscious fashion. This list appears on the website for Scottsdale Living Magazine.

How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

  • Make Your Office Eco-Friendly: Learn how to have an eco-friendly office space by following the advice given in this article. The article is divided into sections that give advice on how to pre-cycle, reuse, reduce, and recycle. Readers are also given tips on how to conserve energy by turning off electrical items.
  • Create a Green Office: A range of tips on how to create a green office space. The article not only gives tips on saving energy, but it also gives readers advice about recycling and reducing waste, making eco-friendly purchases, and how to have a more green kitchen area in the office.


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