What Everyone Ought to Know About Children and Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning products
List of green cleaning products.

Green Cleaning VS Trusted Cleaning Chemicals

Very often we have customers concerned about the cleaning chemicals that we are using when we clean. We use a standard list of supplies, mostly trusted name brands. However, with this recent trend in green cleaning we had to adjust to the needs of our customers’ requests.

Customer’s Cleaning Requests

Such was the case with a nursery who asked us what types of supplies we used. We have experienced a tremendous request from facilities dealing with children to use only green products in their spaces. This is a request we are more than willing to comply to but not with out letting our customers know, that green cleaning can’t apply to all situations.

Putting Green Cleaning Products to the Test

Citing an article published by the Wall Street Journal, green cleaning products were put to the test. Although efficient in cleaning up messes, spills and stains, the writers wondered whether germs and bacteria were actually killed during cleaning. Using actual sewage, the writers had a specialist spray petri dishes to test the bacteria killing effectiveness of the green cleaning products they used. According to their findings, the products did kill most bacteria but not all. It even suggested using more traditional cleaning products to effectively sanitize areas such a baby’s changing table.

Children’s Interaction with Cleaning Chemicals

Since we clean facilities like schools, daycares and nurseries in NYC. This is extremely important for our clients to know, as the spread of germs and bacteria is a common concern for spaces like schools and nurseries where a door handle can spread a cold to entire classroom.

Chemical Intake: Is the Water Safe?

This can even apply to what is used to sanitize water fountains or apartment sinks where cleaning chemicals are used to clean. These are areas where our customers may drink water. What is at risk? The germs left on the sink faucets or the water fountain spouts? Or is it more of a concern to take in the chemicals of the more traditional cleaning supplies such as Clorox or Windex.

As research clears up more of these concerns, at Busy Bee we will always accommodate our customer’s concerns and needs.



Blackwell, E. (2005, Nov 04). WEEKEND JOURNAL; catalog critic: Clean goes green. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/398920273?accountid=14068

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