Power Washing for Commercial Bathrooms and Kitchens

dirty restaurant kitchenIn a commercial building, the bathroom and kitchen can harbor the most germs. Even a thorough cleaning from a professional may not remove all dirt and debris. Mold and mildew can be even more difficult to eradicate, even with specialized cleaning products. To get a commercial bathroom or kitchen its cleanest, have it power washed by a professional.

Tile and grout are typical floor and wall coverings in commercial kitchens and bathrooms. Though these are easier to clean than are painted or wallpapered walls and carpeted floors, getting them their cleanest can still be a challenge. Mold and mildew tend to grow in the moist, humid environment of a bathroom and food stains, mildew, and grime frequently cling to walls and floors in commercial kitchens. Wiping the walls with a sponge and using a mop to clean floors will not get deep into grout where this debris lurks.

Cleaning and mopping tiled surfaces can actually push debris further into the grout where it cannot be reached with typical cleaning tools. The best way to clean dirty grout and tile is to use a high-pressure washer. This machine shoots a water and cleaning solution into the grout at high pressure, loosening dirt and debris that lurk in the crevices. High-powered vacuuming action immediately extracts the water, chemicals, and debris.

After power washing a tiled area, the cleaning professional dries the surface and applies a sealer that prevents future stains and debris. After the sealer dries, the bathroom or kitchen is ready for use and features increased protection against whatever comes its way. Mildew and mold will be no match for the sealer on this surface so the tile and grout will remain clean and the environment will be healthier.

Keeping commercial bathrooms and kitchens clean conveys a positive impression to occupants and visitors. Removing mold and mildew prevents people from exposure to these harmful substances that can trigger allergies and other reactions. Building managers should have facility bathrooms and kitchens power washed at least annually, more frequently in high-traffic environments.

In-house janitorial staff are not usually trained in power washing so commercial cleaning services will be required. Building managers should look for a company that specializes in power washing commercial bathrooms and kitchens but charges reasonable prices. Cleaners will use chemical solutions and equipment that loosens debris and extracts it from the tile and grout, leaving the area looking like new.

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