Use Restroom Cleaning Advances To Your Advantage

The restroom is the area that reflects how clean a facility really is. Over the years, industry studies have revealed that people are largely displeased with the conditions of facility restrooms. They point out issues like litter, odor, and general lack of hygiene. Though these problems persist, there is also an opportunity. By utilizing new technology and taking a novel approach to restroom cleaning, janitorial services workers can come out smelling like roses.

Arguably, nothing has affected restroom care in the past decade as much as touch-free cleaning. Workers can now clean restrooms without making contact with touch points or surfaces. This increases the productivity, safety, and overall comfort of janitorial services staff. Touch-free cleaning results in a more thorough cleaning job than when conventional tools are used. Chemicals are applied using pressure, allowed to work for an adequate period, and are then rinsed with clean water that is recovered.

Discolored grout lines are one of the most common restroom issues. They result from dirty water left behind after mopping the bathroom floor. Soils join the party as the moisture evaporates, resulting in a mixture of detergent residue and soil trapped in the grout. By cleaning grout lines and then impregnating or sealing them to reduce perviousness, cleaning workers make it more difficult for soils to penetrate grout.

Sealing grout lines makes grout easier to clean and improves restroom appearance. However, workers must be sure the grout is clean before they seal it. Otherwise, soils and other residues left behind will be sealed in during the process. As an alternative to sealing, cleaning services staff can clean the floors with a cylindrical scrubber rather than a mop. This recovers cleaning solution and soil and is better at removing debris from grout lines.

Metered dilution systems resolve the long-standing dilemma of how to properly mix cleaning solutions. They precisely mix water with concentrated chemicals to create a safe and effective solution. Cleaning services workers no longer need to worry about measuring chemicals or mixing several chemicals that could result in a dangerous concoction.

Technological advances allow workers to perform touch-free cleaning on sinks, counters, mirrors, urinals, and toilets. Areas that are typically inaccessible and can breed odors and bacteria can be cleaned during this process. Sealing grout lines results in a cleaner bathroom that looks more attractive. Use of metered dilution systems creates safer, more effective cleaning solutions and less waste.

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